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Be Calmly Active and Actively Calm

Many years ago I came across an intriguing quote from the great woman saint of India, Ananda Moyi Ma, in which she was commenting on Hatha Yoga, describing it as “doing by force.” At first, I was taken aback and definitely puzzled. Her description seemed to have very little to do with what I had presumed about Hatha Yoga, especially … Read More

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Ananda Yoga: A Natural Treatment for Insomnia

A friend recently shared an inspiring story of how he overcame his difficulties with insomnia through the practice of Ananda Yoga. Matthew attended our most recent session of Ananda Yoga Teacher Training at The Ananda School of Yoga & Meditation. He openly shared with the group that he had been an Infantry Marine about 10 years prior, and had been … Read More

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What Is Spiritual Yoga?

Now, with spiritual hunger growing worldwide, more and more people are asking, “How can Yoga help meet my spiritual needs?” They suspect that spiritual experience can be cultivated through Yoga practices—and they’re right.

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Why Is Yoga Important?

Yoga makes us more aware of ourselves as bodies of energy, not merely of material substance. The more aware we become that we are energy, the greater control we have in our lives.

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What Is Ananda Yoga®?

Although written for Ananda Yoga teachers, this article will interest any serious practitioner of yoga. What do you say when someone asks, “What is Ananda Yoga?” Probably you give a brief and rather general answer, tailored to what you think he or she will best relate to. But what is Ananda Yoga, really? There’s no quick, definitive answer, but in this … Read More