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Putting God First: A Physician’s Journey

As devotees, the pitfall is to decide that we have only so much energy—and no more. Just when I think I’ve done everything I can do, Divine Mother often says, “But there’s so much more you can do,” and then shows me that’s true.

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Nature as a Bridge to the Divine

When I was five-years-old, I was in my backyard and looking intently upward into a thick fog when all of a sudden, bursting through a gap in the fog, came a flock of pearl-white snow geese. Seeing the snow geese thrilled me deeply, and ever since I’ve wanted to immerse myself in nature.

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Learning that God Is the Doer

To activate the law of success, we needed to remain open to what God was trying to teach us and attune to His will, not our personal desires.

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A Healer’s Journey

Years ago, I discovered that one of my biggest challenges as a nurse was attachment to the person I was serving, and also to my role as a caring professional. My first awareness of this came when I found myself in tears because I was unable to be present at the childbirth of a favorite patient.

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Bulldozing with God

I grew up on a farm, and my training and inclination have always been to take care of the land.

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The Laws of Success

When I arrived at Ananda, everything I owned was in a backpack made out of a used gunnysack.

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Is the World Falling Apart?

Today there are two conflicting ideas about where all the tumultuous change in our present-day world is leading.

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Healing Chronic Illness

Healing depends on the power of the healer and the receptivity of the patient. The process of powerfully affirming health increases a person’s receptivity to the healing process.