Answered Prayer

Mary Kretzmann

Question from Melanie: Hi, I was talking to someone recently and telling them how much I had been helped by prayer. They responded by saying that prayer was the same as having clear intent. I wondered what your thoughts are about this. Are they the same or is there a difference. Many thanks

Would We Recognize Another Jesus Christ?

Question from Paige: Christians always talk about the second coming. Maybe Yogananda was a spiritual being sent from God. Would we recognize a being sent by God, or would we repeat the same persecution like we did to Jesus?


3 Questions About Mary, Mother of Jesus

Mary Kretzmann

Question from SK: I have 3 question about Mary the Mother of Jesus Did Mary know from the beginning the faith of Jesus ? Was Mary highly evolved spiritual person or was she just a random woman God picked ? And did she really stay a virgin all her life ?

The Beatitudes, Commentary

Swami Kriyananda also wrote a beautiful song of the Beatitudes called, Blessed Are They. It is included in Christ Lives: An Oratorio, a contemporary Oratorio that vividly brings to life the deep meaning of Christ’s life. The Beatitudes By J. Donald Walters (Swami Kriyananda) Given as a Christmas gift to the Ananda community Introduction: Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount begins…

“Jesus Prayer” Meditation

The Jesus Prayer Meditation is a wonderful spiritual tool to deepen your inner communion with Jesus Christ, and with the Infinite. This meditation is a variation of the Hong-Sau technique.  Swami Kriyananda taught this Jesus Prayer Meditation to a Catholic priest.   The “Jesus Prayer” Meditation by Mary Kretzmann, Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry Years ago, I was reading a small…

5-Day “Advent” for Yogananda’s Birthday, January 5

We used to do this with our children every year while they were young. I felt a deep joy every evening, seemingly disproportionate to the time and effort this simple ceremony took.  I felt the Gurus’ blessing encouraging me, “Yes –Please do this.” So, in this spirit, I share it, so that others can also share in this spiritual family…


Is Jesus the “Only Way” to God?

Nayaswami Parvati

Question from Mary Kekana: Was the purpose of Jesus’ life really to die for our sins? If so, is he then really the only way to God as in the Bible or as many fundamental Christians claim today?

Mahavatar Babaji and Jesus Christ

Why is Jesus on our altar? Jesus is at the center of our altar because he appeared to the yoga master Babaji and asked him to send someone to the West to spread the teachings of original Christianity. Jesus told Babaji that his followers needed to learn how to receive him through deep meditation, as beautifully described in the verse,…