The Upanishads have minutely classified every stage of spiritual advancement. A siddha (“perfected being”) has progressed from the state of a jivanmukta (“freed while living”) to that of a paramukta (“supremely free”—full power over death); the latter has completely escaped from the mayic thralldom and its reincarnational round. The paramukta therefore seldom returns to a physical body; if he does, he is an avatar, a divinely appointed medium of supernal blessings on the world.


Karma: Its Cause and Cure

Nayaswami Gyandev

Question from A: Pranam! Thanks for your Divine help to the seekers! 1) Are we souls are the Doers as well the Receivers of our all past karmas whether good or bad? Do we reap what we sow? And if due to ignorance any soul makes mistakes, then how does he gain favour of God? According to divine law, does he have to…