Clarity Magazine, Spiritual Growth

Opening to God’s Abundance

Our family experienced several episodes of extreme financial difficulty before we found the right balance between living simply and attracting the money we needed.

Clarity Magazine, Spiritual Growth

Become an “Ego Detective!”

The first duty of every soul is to release the hold of ego consciousness, whether one is a renunciate, a householder, or living for God in some other way.

Clarity Magazine, Success

How To Succeed in Any Line of Work

By developing your concentration and creativity, you can learn to succeed in any field. But it is better to work in a field to which you are instinctively attracted.

Clarity Magazine, Spiritual Growth

The Saint Who Chose a King as His Spiritual Master

When Sukdeva decided it was time to go in search of his spiritual teacher, his father, Sage Byasa, advised him to go to King Janaka, the ruler of the province.

Clarity Magazine, Spiritual Growth

Why the Rich Man Became Poor and the Poor Man Became Rich

Mr. Sham often said: “Mr. Honest, look here, if you will forsake all religious and metaphysical nuttiness, I will give you a financial start and you will then attract riches and friends.”

Clarity Magazine, Success

The Laws of Success

When I arrived at Ananda, everything I owned was in a backpack made out of a used gunnysack.

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Making Money for God

Money-making is the next greatest art after the art of realizing God. To earn money honestly for God’s work, will aid one on the spiritual as well as the material path.

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What I give to others I give not away.