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A Call for Prayers

[youtube] Dear Ones, Thank you for your prayers. We can feel them protecting and guiding us at this very challenging time in India. The situation is dire — hospital and government systems have broken down and it’s shocking to see how many are getting Covid or have lost someone near and dear to them. Only 2% of the population … Read More


Hearing God’s Voice

Mary Kretzmann

Question from Jubai V: How to hear God’s voice when meditating almost like a conversation with God?


Seeing Scary Eyes in Meditation

Nayaswami Savitri

Question from AV: The day I started seeing the eyes, they looked at me, and I was scared, very sacred. Could it be something different? I saw shadows to and things are weird, but I left my life in God’s hands I don’t know what at this means. Would you please be so kind and share your knowledge with me please?


Is Too Much Meditation Dangerous?

Nayaswami Gyandev

Question from Buddha: Is too much meditation dangerous? Recently i’ve been meditating a lot forgetting about my body totally recently i meditated for 2 days continuously and it was like 2 minutes have passed for me but my mother is tensed for me she starts getting worried that what i’m doing and how do i sustain that long without eating and drinking. Actually … Read More


Answered Prayer

Mary Kretzmann

Question from Melanie: Hi, I was talking to someone recently and telling them how much I had been helped by prayer. They responded by saying that prayer was the same as having clear intent. I wondered what your thoughts are about this. Are they the same or is there a difference. Many thanks

Praying for Others and Accepting What Is

Question from Kavitha: Dear Ananda, My husband is very kind and good human but he is nasty and smoking a lot and also consuming alcohol once a week. I am worrying a lot about his health I love him a lot and he too do so. kindly suggest me how to make him to get rid of this practices using meditation. Note: am … Read More


Too Weak to Pray

Mary Kretzmann

Question from Anurag: I feel so weak that i dont even have the power to pray to god.

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When the Miracle Is Withheld

Although healings and miracles are certainly wonderful, and are indeed signs of God’s presence, His withholding of such gifts does not mean His love is not there. As Paramhansa Yogananda taught, “Sometimes God works through misdiagnosis, when it is your time.”

International Day of Yoga

Celebrate International Day of Yoga with a Full Ananda Yoga® Routine The higher purpose of Ananda Yoga® is to uplift our consciousness, bringing this practice back to its original spiritual essence.  On this special day we want to share a full Ananda Yoga® session. You will learn to: control the energy in your body with energization exercises control your breath … Read More

Is It OK to Pray Without Words?

Question from Adam: Is it okay to pray in mental symbols/pictures rather than with spoken words? For example, If i was intending to pray for (an astrological bangle) and I offered my prayer..Instead of saying something like “Please God bless me with an astrological bangle for I am convinced it will help me on my path of self-realization”, would it be okay if … Read More