How Can I Use Affirmations to Have a Healthy Birth?

Mary Kretzmann

Question from Hannah Aliya: Namaste! I am approaching the birth of my first child, I feel deeply this pregnancy is so perfect in God’s plan. Anticipation & excitement fill my headspace for the unmedicated birth I intend. I feel confident that I will be connected to the Divine during labor, however medical circumstances have placed me with a care provider that has caused some…

Yoga and Pregnancy

Mary Kretzmann

Question from lakshmi: I got married before 2 months, I am a regular yoga doer and now I am in a confusion of doing yoga. Is it good to do yoga after marriage and will it affect baby formation?

Meditating and Practicing Kriya Yoga While Pregnant

Mary Kretzmann

Question from Meghan O’Hare: Namaste, I am in my first trimester of pregnancy. I am a kriyaban, and while I want to be faithful to my vows to practice kriya 2X a day for at least 45 minutes, I am experiencing debilitating morning sickness/dizziness that lasts all day, as well as tailbone and sciatic pain, that make meditation difficult, particularly sitting meditation. I’m not…

Kriya While Pregnant

Mary Kretzmann

Question from renata: Could you tell me please if its recommended to do Kriya yoga during pregnancy? I am two weeks pregnant and don’t feel somewhat comfortable (the sensation inside of my abdomen isn’t pleasant) during Kriya breaths.Thank you.

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5 Tips for Improving Posture during Pregnancy

Posture awareness practiced regularly during pregnancy can help reduce many physical discomforts. The female body, in a very short time frame, will undergo drastic changes in every bodily system. Our bodies have the incredible capability of adapting to these changes while continuing to run efficiently. While no two pregnancies are identical, most women’s bodies will respond to these changes at…

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Prenatal Yoga: A Visualization for Expectant Mothers

Yoga, as many people have experienced, can be much more than just a physical practice. It can also be a wonderful opportunity to tune into Spirit, particularly in the aspect of Divine Mother when preparing for motherhood. Divine Mother is a universal consciousness or presence within each person and in all creation. It isn’t necessary to follow a particular spiritual…

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Positive Attitude for Birth

While I was pregnant, I remember nervously thinking about my approaching due date. I had many concerns about giving birth, and my mental outlook of the upcoming event was based in doubt and fear. Will I really have to give birth? How will I possibly get through this? While speaking to a 26 year old girlfriend of mine who recently…

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Prenatal Yoga Tips on Meditation

Anyone can receive many benefits from meditation during pregnancy, and all of those benefits—calmness, communion, centeredness and more—are especially important at this special time in life. Meditation practice can help you get through, not only the challenges of pregnancy, but also those of delivery. However, meditating while pregnant can have its challenges. Here are some tips on how to work…

Magnetizing a Healthy Pregnancy

Question from Christina: My husband and I have been trying to have a second child since my miscarriage 10 months ago. When each month comes back unsuccessful, I get so sad and depressed. I have tried praying, meditating and giving this deep desire up to God to take care of but am becoming more obsessed with it as more time goes by. I…

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Prenatal Yoga: Are You Ready for the Good News? Part 2

In Part 1 of this article Nicole discussed how to handle three “prenatal situations” that you might encounter in your teaching: (1) a new, pregnant student drops into your general yoga class, (2) a pregnant student and her pregnant friends ask you to teach a prenatal yoga class, and (3) an advanced student of yours becomes pregnant. We’ll pick up…