According to Yogananda and his guru Sri Yukteswar we are in the beginning of the ascending arc of a twenty-four thousand year yuga cycle. Satya yuga, the highest “Golden Age” of the cycle begins in 7700 A.D. and will last for 9600 years. Sri Yukteswar wrote that during Satya yuga mankind in general would directly comprehend the Spirit beyond material creation. A golden age indeed.

Alas, the yugas proceed in a cycle. Satya yuga will pass and mankind will go into a descending age once again and eventually reach the lowest age, Kali yuga, once more. However, we don’t have to reincarnate thousands of years from now to personally experience such a high state of consciousness. We can achieve our own golden age within through deep meditation aided by Kriya yoga.


What Is Truth? Does It Change with Time and Place?

Nayaswami Hriman

Question from Amor: I believe that truth can flow from all direction and that saints of all religions teach according to the needs of their time. According to the concept of the yugas [ages of time], what was perceived and taught in the Satya Yuga [the highest age] is the eternal truth. Do saints of all religions teach this eternal truth in all…