Am I Ready for Kriya Yoga Initiation?

Tyagi Jayadev

Question from Riccardo: Hi, very soon I will have my first Kriya initiation and I’m so happy. However, because of an illness in this first year of discipleship my daily practice got interrupted so many times, also for many weeks. I always did my best to practice devotion, and to follow Guru’s teachings, but now I’m scared that I might not be really…

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Developing Intuition

More than just a “feeling” or a guess, true intuition is one of the most important-yet often least developed- of our human faculties. Often thought of as something vague and undefinable, many people mistakenly assume that intuition cannot be understood and developed.

Yogananda How to Be Happy
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How to Be Happy All the Time

The human drive for happiness is one of our most far-reaching and fundamental needs. This nine-week course provides the tools and wisdom needed to tap into the joy and happiness that already reside within you. The readings and exercises are practical, engaging, and deeply inspiring. Through them, you can truly unlock the secrets of lasting joy and inner peace.

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Make Lasting Change in Your Life

This course offers fascinating answers for life’s great mysteries but, more importantly, it tells you how to make the most of every day of the life you’ve been given. Understanding these truths can bring clarity, confidence, and inspiration into your life. Above all, comes the deepest encouragement to every student: the reassurance that God loves us, and that all of life is designed to help us move toward our own highest fulfillment.

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Spiritual Relationships

Discover how to express your highest potential through your relationships of friendship, love, marriage, and family. These relationships can offer us our greatest joys in life and at times our greatest sorrows. This course can help you gain more clarity and create more harmony in all your relationships. Paramhansa Yogananda explains the divine purpose behind every human relationship and offers practical steps and guidance on how to tap into and express pure, divine love through your relationships with others.

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Achieving Inner Peace and Tranquility

You can have inner peace and calmness all the time. Exaggerated ups and downs, reactions to others, attachments and desires can throw you off-center. Moods of any kind; anger, anxiety, depression rob you of joy and tranquility. Yoga suggests we should be “even-minded and cheerful” at all times. Is this really possible? Can it be done and keep the ability to feel and experience life? The answer is yes, as many who have taken this course will confirm.


Change Your Brain and Transform Your Life

One of the central keys to change is daily meditation, which develops the prefrontal lobes and quiets the primitive areas of the brain associated with negative emotions. In addition to bringing more happiness and success into your life, more prefrontal lobe development, as Dr. Peter discusses, opens the doorway to superconsciousness, our highest potential as human beings.


I want to live a more fulfilling life. What is the best way to start?

Nayaswami Parvati

Question from Mário Ferreira: Been interested in spiritual development for a some years now, because my father has a lot of books about it. I have practiced yoga, pranayama and researched a lot through the web. But have been struggling with depression and anxiety for 7 years now (fear of living my life). I sense that I am not yet ready to ask some…

Seeking One’s Self

Nayaswami Seva

Question from Meenakshi: I want to know about myself. Who I am? why I am here? What is the purpose of my life — job, family, or something else? Why do I always change my decision? Why do people make fun of me? Am I not a good person? How can I find out myself. In our culture marriage is very important, and…