Raised a Christian, Now Spiritually Seeking

Nayaswami Seva

Question from Logan Adam: Hello, I was raised in a strict Christian home. I finally got out of that negative environment, but since then I have been feeling unhappy spiritually. I want to get close to God and I want to get close to the inner me, but I am not sure how. I have always been drawn to India and Indian philosophy. Can…


Why Spiritual Names?

Nayaswami Savitri

Question from Aparna: What is a reason behind changing the name when one is walking on the spiritual path? The true seeker is not attached to his/her name anyway.


Sharing Spiritual Vibrations with a Newborn

Nayaswami Nitai

Question from Astrid: Hello. I would like to ask a question about spiritual parenting. I have a Newborn daughter and have been on the Spiritual path for some time now and I was wondering if there was anything I could do for her soul’s spiritual development even at this age.. All the books on Spiritual education don’t seem to say much about the…

How to Uproot Fears

Nayaswami Anandi

Question from Krishnakripa: How we will uproot fear and Unwanted imginations?

Is There Such a Thing as a Remote Soul Connection?

Nayaswami Seva

Question from rangan: Is it possible for the soul to connect to another soul thru spirituality ? That is without the 2 persons meeting or communicating thru phone , internet etc . If so how ?

Choosing the Spiritual Path

Nayaswami Seva

Question from Asho: I have experienced the first stage of Samadhi prior to understanding spiritual matters, yet I feel compelled on living an “ordinary” life. In some sense, I feel that overcoming the materialistic world through materialistic means is my path. It’s all very confusing, and I feel like I really am stuck in “Hell.” Most it has to do with how I…

Dissolve Anger by Finding Inner Peace in Meditation

Nayaswami Anandi

Question from Rekha: My father in law repeatedly talks about similar topics.Since I cannot tell him to change the topic I am listening to the same conversations since past 8 years.Am tired and agitated with this.These days I am getting furious for hours and it is affecting my relation with my spouse.He understands and gives me time but I end up feeling guilty…


Should a Yogi Avoid Alcohol, Even in Cooking?

Tyagi Shanti, M.D.

Question from H.W.: Yogananda said we should not drink any alcohol while on the spiritual path. Some recipes call for an alcoholic beverage as one of the ingredients, but the alcohol is burned off or evaporated in the cooking process. It is just to add flavor to the recipe. Is the use of alcohol in these recipes consistent with Yogananda’s teachings? Or should…

Who Is the Guru?

Nayaswami Seva

Question from daniel: When we pray why do we say, “divine mother, jesus christ, babaji, lahiri, yukteswarji, AND OUR BELOVED GURU Paramhansa Yogananda”. If they are all masters and all one with divine mothers’ infinite expression, then why are they not all our gurus? what makes yoganada the specific guru? Thank you kindly.


Seek God Now

Nayaswami Jaya

Question from Raju: My two sons left us following some disputes regarding elder son’s marriage. They are employed. Now I and my wife at this age (53 and 47) are thinking to leave this profane life and enter spiritual life. We do not have any bank balance. We were doing some work and earn for living. What can I do? I cannot pay…