There is no inherent conflict in pursuing the spiritual path and having a relationship, regardless of whether one is young or old.

If you feel the desire to be in a relationship, you need to be wise in choosing a woman who will have the same spiritual interests as you, and will support your dedication to the spiritual path, just as you will support her spiritually.

Finding the right partner, can help and enrich your spiritual life. But you should seek a partner only if you feel that it is right for you. Do not feel obligated to do so. Let God come first.

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How to Find a Spiritual Relationship and Partner

Ah, love! Is there any other topic that inspires songs, poems, books and other creative works more than love? Such a “rabbit hole” of a topic, just like in Alice in Wonderland, especially when involving spirituality. When one asks the question, “What is God?” the answer can rightly be given as, “God is LOVE.” It’s said also that God is … Read More


How to Attract the Right Relationships

Nayaswami Diksha

Question from shiffali: Namaste, I am not able to understand what is the basis of relationship in this world? every time i feel some guy is suitable for me, he ditches me in the most horrible way known and i have always been truthful in all my relations. Is it karma or my ignorance that i am not able to see through people … Read More


Spiritual Counseling Training

Spiritual counseling is an art, and yet there are tools that can be learned and techniques you can practice. You will learn how to develop your own intuitive abilities so that you can listen to others in the right way.


How to Love and Be Loved

Join us for a uniquely inspiring and practical 5 days. With talks, discussion, guided introspection and other activities, you will explore some of the common problems to giving and receiving love, and explore workable solutions.

How to stop lying — a spiritual approach

Mary Kretzmann

Question from N: Hello I have recently met a man who is wonderful, isn’t particularly spiritual but supports me in my path and is supportive and helpful and very loving. I realized recently that I have a problem with lying, I do it even without knowing when or why and for little things — how do I rid myself of this so as … Read More


A Deeper Spiritual Life vs. a Relationship

Nayaswami Parvati

Question from milton: How do I reconcile spiritual differences with my spouse? I want a deeper spiritual life and my spouse in not interested yet and I’ve been waiting and praying for twenty years.


Being (Gay) at Ananda

Joseph (Puru) Selbie

Question from A.: I am a homosexual who is living in the deep waters between two communities. My Ethnic/Christian community reject gay people and the gay community I just can not connect with. What I do have is the love of Jesus Christ in my heart. I don’t go to church as often as I like too due to the fact they judge … Read More

Mending Relationships

Question from Sohan: I have been looking for a solution to a problem for many days and while surfing saw this site. Someone very dear to me, out of a misunderstanding, hates me so much and snubs me that it feels unbearable. I feel scared to even approach that person out of fear of being snubbed. I have never meant any harm to … Read More

Family and Astrological Considerations About a Marriage Partner

Nayaswami Seva

Question from Prerna: I am looking forward to get married. I have a guy in my life who I believe can be a good life partner for me. However, there are many constraints that are stopping me to go ahead with the proposal. My family is completly against the guy due to following reasons: a) They find the guy clever enough. b) My … Read More


Nayaswami Seva

Question from Manasi: Can love be defined as attention? Thank you!