Is the Year 2012 the End or a Beginning?

Nayaswami Byasa

Question from Nethra: Sir, we are in year 2012 and everywhere there are talks of apocalypse and possible end of the world on 26 Dec 2012. I had read one of the chapters in “The Divine Love” where Yoganadaji had given a speech on end of the world and going by the contents I dont think anything catestrophic will happen in 2012. Year…


Sri Yukteswar’s Life Purpose

Nayaswami Gyandev

Question from Cyril: There is a line in Autobiography (maybe chapter 12 ) where Yogananda says that Sri Yukteswar could have been a mighty warrior ( or words to those effect ) if he chose but that in this life he chose to defeat the inner warriors ( or words to those effect ) and to storm the “inner citadels whose fall is…