Money Magnetism

Nayaswami Maria

Question from pvtt: Greetings gurudev, I just finished reading the new path.In that book parmahansa yogananda managed to raised very huge amount of 45000 dollars.He acquired it through faith.Is it possible for me too? How should I proceed?I am also in need of money.Will yogananda help me in that? kindly help


My New Job is Very Challenging. Should I Look for Something Else?

Nayaswami Gyandev

Question from Jeniffer: Dear friends, after praying intensly to gurudeva for a job, I got this new job but is so challenging: I have to sell something that is pretty difficult and the company have so many expectations about me! I really want to success but is really hard and I feel pressured, and I dont know if I really needs to strugle…

How to Become a Success Magnet

Mary Kretzmann

Question from Rikesh: Hi. My question is regarding a blockage in the flow of my financial affairs. My Business has come to a standstill and Im finding that Im unable to pay my bills and run my home as well as my childrens education commitments. My children as well as my wife are disrespecting me and consider me a total Failure.I feel as…