Story of Saint Valentine

Jewels of stream and house The thing that Valentine remembered even from his earliest memories was the house. It was perfect. Set in a series of gardens and vineyards, each more beautiful than the last, strung together along a stream that meandered through the place. At one point providing a large pool where luminous fish swam lazily in the shadows, … Read More

Treasure chest, by Marco Antonio Morales

Family Life Treasure Chest

Please enjoy these free resources to enhance your family’s spiritual life. By Paramhansa Yogananda: Prayers for True and Lasting Love  Do’s and Dont’s of Good Parenting Prayer Demands for Children By Swami Kriyananda Spiritualizing Family Life Education for Life Life’s Little Secrets Superconscious Living Exercises – with children By Other Ananda Teachers How to Build Fulfilling Relationships, by Nayaswami Jyotish & Nayaswami Devi … Read More