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Ananda Yoga: A Natural Treatment for Insomnia

A friend recently shared an inspiring story of how he overcame his difficulties with insomnia through the practice of Ananda Yoga. Matthew attended our most recent session of Ananda Yoga Teacher Training at The Ananda School of Yoga & Meditation. He openly shared with the group that he had been an Infantry Marine about 10 years prior, and had been … Read More

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Overcoming Obstacles

 Overcoming Obstacles by becoming an Ananda Yoga teacher As director of the Ananda Yoga Teacher Training Program at The Expanding Light Retreat, I’m fortunate to meet yoga practitioners of all ages and backgrounds, who have dedicated themselves to a regular practice of yoga and who want to deepen their understanding of yoga as a tool for spiritual growth. During the … Read More

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Yoga for Teens (Part 2)

In addition to instructing teenage dancers in Ananda Yoga (Yoga for Teens Part 1), I also had the opportunity at Langley Fine Arts School to teach a group of beginners, grades 10 & 11, from a Western Civilizations Class who were already familiar with studying different cultures, religions, and spiritual paths. Because Ananda Yoga is richly filled with deep spiritual … Read More

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Yoga for Teens (Part 1)

I recently had the privilege of teaching Ananda Yoga and meditation to teenagers at my old high school in Fort Langley, BC— a private school uniquely designed where students major in one of the arts (Dance, Drama, Music, Writing, Photography, or Visual Arts)—and focus on that area of interest from grade 8 through 12. During my own years at Langley … Read More

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Ananda Yoga Goes to the Movies

By now you may have heard about the Ananda movie, “Finding Happiness.” Filming concluded in October 2012, and post-production is nearly complete. Those who have seen the “director’s cut” say that it’s fabulous. The grand premiere is at Ananda Village on July 26, 2013. And yes, Ananda Yoga plays a role! Here’s the plot: The global economic crisis and widespread … Read More

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Inversions and Cardiovascular Problems

Have you ever been suspicious of the contraindication, “Don’t do an inversion if you have a cardiovascular problem”? After all, how dangerous can Matsyasana or Padahastasana — or Balasana, for goodness’ sake — really be? This is a safe and conservative guideline for new teachers, but the more we learn about anatomy and physiology, the more we see when this … Read More