We know from Sri Yukteswar that the yugas pertain to the human level of consciousness and the process of soul evolution leading to liberation. What they mean to animal consciousness in prehistoric times is an open question.

Why Was I Born?

Question from ruchit: we all are living in kali yuga, the age of demons, the end of all yugas, so i question my self that why do i exist in this yuga? i.e in this time what is the purpose of my life who am i? gods are such energies capable of making them appear between time and space so is there any…


What Is Truth? Does It Change with Time and Place?

Nayaswami Hriman

Question from Amor: I believe that truth can flow from all direction and that saints of all religions teach according to the needs of their time. According to the concept of the yugas [ages of time], what was perceived and taught in the Satya Yuga [the highest age] is the eternal truth. Do saints of all religions teach this eternal truth in all…

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The Yugas In-Depth

Sri Yukteswar, guru of Paramhansa Yogananda, presented a fascinating explanation of the rising and falling eras that our planet cycles through every 24,000 years — the cycle of the yugas. They provide vital insight into our current Energy Age which is rapidly changing our world and world-view as well as bestowing greater awareness and new personal abilities on all mankind.

The Time Tunnel

The Time Tunnel

This story explores life-enhancing spiritual truths through the eyes of two young boys, including how to find true happiness and what values are important. Donny and Bobby develop a foundation for wisdom that can help them throughout life.


Is the Year 2012 the End or a Beginning?

Nayaswami Byasa

Question from Nethra: Sir, we are in year 2012 and everywhere there are talks of apocalypse and possible end of the world on 26 Dec 2012. I had read one of the chapters in “The Divine Love” where Yoganadaji had given a speech on end of the world and going by the contents I dont think anything catestrophic will happen in 2012. Year…


Alien Invasions in Ancient Times

Asha Nayaswami

Question from Davy: Davy asked a long question which we have summarized here: The question stems from statements made by Master in Conversations with Yogananda. In #36, Master confirms the truth of UFO sightings, and says someday we’ll travel to other planets as easily as we go now from continent to continent. In #44, Master responds to the desire of some disciples to…


Cycles of time (Yugas) and evolution of consciousness

Nayaswami Gyandev

Question from Vinay Kumar: Hello dear friend, i have read from Swamiji that the transition of yugas happens because of sun’s motion around the centre of galaxy. Could you elaborate as to how and why this motion affects human evolution… as is said that nature’s workings are unveiled more and more in higher yugas, how exactly and why this happens? what about other planets..…