Question: What is crowdfunding?

Answer: Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet.

Question: Is there such a thing as too many people “crowdfunding” at once?

Answer: No! Every friend who is raising money towards the Temple of Light is raising energy and awareness for this sacred project too.

Question: How much should I try to raise?

Answer: As much as you feel that your network of friends might help you to achieve. If you aim high and don’t reach the goal, do not be discouraged! Every gift counts and it is the collective efforts of Ananda’s worldwide family that will manifest this temple for Yogananda. If you are a competitive type, you may want to set a goal you believe you can achieve and then get really excited when you exceed it!

Question: Can I crowdfund for the Temple of Light on Facebook?

Answer: Yes! Here are instructions.

Question: Can I crowdfund for the Temple of Light on a platform like GoFundMe?

Answer: Yes! We have a traditional crowdfunding website set up and you can launch your own personal campaign, replete with blog posts and more. Here is the site.

Question: Do you have simple instructions for how to use Facebook or Crowdrise?

Answer: Yup. Here you go.

Question: What are some typical “crowdfunding” campaign ideas?

Answer: Here are a few. If you want more, feel free to use Google and you’ll find a zillion!

  • Dedicate your birthday on Facebook.
  • Dedicate other holidays with gifts (Christmas, etc.).
  • Dedicate a personal goal (energization challenge, meditation challenge, etc.).
  • Dedicate an adventurous activity (triathlon, bike race, marathon, mountain climb).
  • Host an event for friends.

This is meant to be easy, but if you find it is not, we are here to help! Contact Gita at (530)478-7542 or for help.

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