The sitework for the new Temple of Light is underway. Late August, some trees were removed as required for the new Temple Project, following a kirtan by the monks to bless the site. Within three days, the site was cleared and excavation began. Tree stumps were removed and the general rough grading began. The septic field was also installed and is awaiting back fill to complete that portion of the project.

The area where the Temple sits in the meadow is being graded down to a level plane, a cut of about three feet. This will give us a flat site to work with and provide enough dirt to fill in the low area north of the Temple, where we will create the circular driveway, roadway and parking. We are also doing the grading required to complete the more remote parking areas and these areas will be graveled in the next weeks.

All is proceeding according to plan and the devas are blessing us with perfect weather. Jai Guru!

After trees were removed, general grading began to clear the site.

After dirt is placed, it is compacted so it may be used for the roadway.

Many yards of dirt are being used to raise the level of the ground for the circular driveway and road.

The trench for a new culvert is dug under the roadway.

The Temple area is graded flat to receive the Temple building. The dirt is used to fill north of the Temple.

Blessings to All;

panduranga for the Temple Team





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