Volunteer to Build

Join us and volunteer to build the Temple of Light at Ananda Village from July 30 - August 4, 2018. Please register to attend or let us know you're interested!

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How to Crowdfund

Learn more about how to raise money for the Temple of Light from friends and family. It's easy and if you need our help, we are here!

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Auction Your Items

Learn how you can auction items using Ebay to benefit the Temple of Light. It's really simple, but we are also here to help!

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how others are Campaigning for Light

From Teepees to a Temple of Light

Stucco Color, Asphalt & Tile…Onward!

Seva is good!

Seva Days, Landscaping, Concrete, Tile and More! 5 weeks to go!!

Concrete, Stucco, Paint, Wood Trim, Cupola Glass, Cabinets … keep it comin’!

All hands on deck! Final sprint to the finish has begun!

Stucco on the Outside, Tile and more Sheetrock on the Inside

Tile, Sheetrock Mud, Sanctuary Beams, Dais and much more….

Grace, Insulation, Sheet Rock & Paint

Interior Sanctuary Dome Sheet Rocked, and more Wires…..

Crane it in! Big week at the Temple of Light

With Warm Weather, Stucco Prep Advances and Wiring Continues

Exterior Stucco Prep Begins and We’re Getting All Wired Up!

Roof is complete, mechanical, electrical and sprinklers proceeding…

Cupola Is Up, Interior Is Framed, and Blue Metal Roof Is Being Installed!

Behind the Scenes at The Temple of Light

Best Things This Week

The Journey of the Cupola — from Seattle to the Top of the Temple of Light!

Temple of Light Construction Update

Temple of Light — Well On Our Way!

The Spirit of Service

Tell Us How You Would Like to Get Involved

Yogananda declared: “All those who support this work now, and in the future, I bless.” Become an Ambassador of Light and invite your own network of loved ones to experience the joy of giving.

Here are some of the other ways that you can become a dynamic part of the Temple of Light Team. The love and energy that you offer will remain in the temple always.

Become a Ray of Light by donating $10,000 or more

As a Ray of Light, you will be joining the many great souls who pledge to support the Temple of Light at Ananda Village with a gift of $10,000 or more during the course of the campaign. Many hands will make the miracle of this temple, and those who are called to become Rays of Light will be the foundation from which this temple is built.

As a Ray of Light, you will receive:

  • Special invitations to the Groundbreaking (August 12, 2017)
  • Special invitations to the dedication and 50th Anniversary of Ananda celebration (July 2019)
  • Meaningful, uplifting gifts in gratitude for your support
  • Special invitations to all Temple of Light fundraising events
  • Complimentary guest accommodations for 2 nights to attend the Dedication and 50th Anniversary of Ananda in the summer of 2019
  • The incredible blessing of giving to God through the Temple of Light at Ananda Village

Contact Jyoti Spearin for more information at (530) 478-7793.

Daily Affirmation

At the end of each meditation, repeat this affirmation four times: first in a loud voice, next in a speaking voice, then in a whisper, and finally silently.

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