What Is Tithing?

Tithing is a spiritual practice — just like prayer or meditation. It is the regular act of giving the “first fruits” of your labors to God.

Tithing is an act of faith based on the divine principle that everything we have comes from God’s hands.

If you want to invite God more fully into your life through tithing, agree in your heart on a percentage of your income that you will give to Him regularly.

Give God the responsibility of taking care of you. If you continue this practice, you will ultimately be free of the fear of not having enough money because you will KNOW from your own personal experiences that God will fulfill your needs.

Tithe to the Source of Your Inspiration

It’s hardly possible to tithe directly to God. He is everything. Tithe to the place where you receive your inspiration from God.

If you receive your spiritual nourishment from the offering from Ananda, such as the Ananda website, healing prayers, or Kriya ministry, etc., tithe to Ananda. If you receive your inspiration from one of our Ananda centers, Ananda Los Angeles, Ananda Palo Alto, etc., then give there.

If you receive inspiration from many places, split your tithe amongst the places you feel inspired. If you feel God’s guidance to give to any charitable work, include them in your tithing. There is no right our wrong place to tithe. The important point is this is an agreement you personally make with God.

Spiritual Benefits of Tithing

Tithing will give you greater faith in God as the source of your abundance.

You will increasingly feel more joy as you see that He will take care of you, if you allow Him to enter your finances.

The act of tithing will help you affirm that you are part of something much bigger than your little self. The more you think of others, your consciousness expands and you grow spiritually.

Tithing helps us purify our hearts and feel God’s joy as a tangible experience.

Regular tithing is a tried and true method of reversing the contractive feeling that can plague our hearts around money.

Regular tithing will give you the spiritual power to attract what you really need at the time you need it.