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Alertness: Inspiration for the Week

Tyagini Narayani, Tyagi Shurjo
January 19, 2022

There are two currents in life: One takes us downward toward unconsciousness; the other, upward toward cosmic consciousness. The first is an impulse born of the sense of past familiarity. Life, like a lotus, evolves out of the mud of lower consciousness toward the light of divine awareness. Subconsciously, we imagine ourselves comfortable with the stages we’ve traversed so far, but we are not always so ready for the adventure of further growth! The second current in life is the soul’s impulse. We cannot find happiness in turning back toward the mud. Fulfillment lies only in reaching up toward perfect divine awareness. To achieve it, we must be alert in everything we do. For in the flow of increasing wakefulness lies the joy we all are seeking.


I am awake! energetic! enthusiastic! I give my full, alert attention to everything I do, knowing that in absolute consciousness I shall find God.


Let me pray always with alert, awake attention to Thy listening presence, knowing that Thou dost hear the merest whisper of my thoughts.

(by Swami Kriyananda, "Affirmations for Self-Healing")