Episode 11: The Importance of Listening to Uplifting Music, Part 2

Swami Kriyananda

Listening to rock music is harmful because it emphasizes the ego and lowers your vibration. In order to raise it, listen to soothing music, such as Bach and Mozart.

Questions include:

  • Can you elaborate on the detrimental effect of rock music?
  • What is good music to listen to?
  • If you could pick a melody from your music that best expresses upliftment, what would it be?
  • When melodies come to you, do they come fully formed, and do you hear harmonies as well?
  • What music inspired you before you began writing music?

Ask Me About Truth

Swami Kriyananda answers questions about truth and many spiritual subjects, as he learned about them directly from Paramhansa Yogananda. (These talks were recorded in 2012, before Swami Kriyananda's passing.)