Lost in the Woods

Nayaswami Bharat tells a story of a time when he was lost in the woods and how he found his way home, all the while keeping his inner peace.

First Things First

Through stories and illustrations, including three recent trips to the emergency room, Nayaswami Bharat shares the importance of putting first things first, and the enjoyable effects of doing so.

The Law of Karma — Bondage, or Soul-Release?

Karma helps us learn from the consequences of our actions. It helps us grow. Through stories and illustrations, Bharat shows that karma can be welcomed with an even mind in all circumstances, and that we can see what comes to us as a blessing. When we are in bliss, Bharat says, nothing else matters.

Can Man See God?

A simple talk on how opening to God’s grace, with energy and self-effort, will allow us to realize Him. Bharat uses the example of an exponential curve to describe the spiritual path, which Yogananda said could be challenging at first but became in time effortlessly liberating.    Stories in this talk include that of the young gorillas who learned how … Read More