Meditation & The Vagus Nerve (With Dr. Peter Van Houten, M.D.)

On July 16, 2017, Dr. Peter Van Houten, M.D. presented the informal talk “Meditation & Vagus Nerve” at the Ananda Community, Mountain View, California. Dr. Peter Van Houten founded the Sierra Family Medical Clinic. He has served as the Clinic’s Medical Director continuously since its opening in 1982. Through his leadership and the staff, the Sierra Family Medical Clinic serves … Read More

How Kriya Yoga Affects the Brain

Peter van Houten, M.D. talks about how meditation, and Kriya Yoga in particular, affect our brain and thought processes. Embark on a journey of spiritual evolution with Kriya Yoga. Discover how this ancient practice from Paramhansa Yogananda accelerates the transformation of the nervous system, paving the way for profound spiritual growth. Explore the intricate interplay between meditation, neural physiology, and … Read More