Does God Hide the Truth?

God can be close to us, without us seeing Him — but it doesn’t mean that He doesn’t inspire, or support, or reveal Himself to us in other ways. Nayaswami Maria shares stories of the devotee missing God, from her own life, from spiritual allegory, and from the lives of great saints.

The Eternal Now

Time and space must be the greatest inventions of maya, Maria conjectures during this talk. “They seem so real to us,” she says. “Can you imagine a world without them?” And yet, God, our true reality, is beyond both of these.

The Last Commandment

Jesus’ last commandment was to “Love one another as I have loved you.” Sharing and growing in divine love  and friendship is, as Maria explains, our purpose for being here on earth.  

Self-Effort, Too, Is Needed

What place does self-effort have on the spiritual path? Is it more important, or is faith? In this talk Maria tells the story of how Ananda Sacramento acquired its first temple after 20 years, and the sustained effort that was required. She also shares an inspiring story of Garret (Arjuna) Stanley, an Ananda Village resident who passed away very recently. … Read More