The Lion and the Sheep

Nayaswami Maria shares this inspiring story during her Sunday Service at Ananda Village, March 21st 2021. You can find the complete talk here.

Indian Meal (with guest cook Nayaswami Maria)

Learn how to accommodate special diet recipes and begin cooking vegetarian. This video covers how to make a delicious Indian meal. Learn how to make Vegetable Curry, Saag Paneer, Mango Chutney, Raita, Lassi, and Chai, as an aspiring vegetarian chef, or looking for tips on how to cook these kinds of delicious meals for friends and family. Download the recipe … Read More

The Legacy of Lahiri Mahasaya

Shyama Charan Lahiri was the birth name of the great yoga master. His disciples lovingly added “Mahasaya,” which means “great-minded one.” Born in Bengal, India, to a pious brahmin family, Lahiri Mahasaya was the one who made the ancient science of Kriya Yoga available not just to those who had renounced the world, but to all sincere souls. Lahiri Mahasaya … Read More

How a Yogi Does Lockdown – Episode 7 with Nayaswami Ananta and Maria

We are blessed to have Nayaswami Ananta & Maria share their inspiration with us. World Brotherhood Communities are the solution for today’s problems. Farming is an integral part of the community. It helps communities to be self sustaining. Nayaswami Ananta & Maria are deep souls. They take care of Ananda Farms at Ananda Village, California and also direct the Living … Read More