A Simple Meditation Technique

Having a daily meditation practice is a powerful tool for a more fulfilling life. Learning this simple and effective meditation technique will ensure you maintain a daily practice.

Reverend Walter

Watch the full video http://youtu.be/_U6Nk6RHIug Highlight from Sunday service “Ego – Friend or Foe?” Maria shares a story of Swami Kriyananda and his service to the monks.

Ego — Friend or Foe?

The human incarnation is a great blessing; it’s as a human that we have the freedom to choose to evolve and be one with God or to just live in his dream. Maria explains that our only real job in this life is to understand that we are not just ego, that we are so much more.

St. Francis and The Light

Maria shares a story from the life of St Francis. Watch the full video http://youtu.be/17cjuhjGTYw Highlight from Sunday service “The Redeeming Light”

The Redeeming Light

“Where My light is, there no darkness can dwell.” These words of God in one of the stories told by Nayaswami Maria hold true in all times and places. Maria shares stories of God’s light, and shares how we can transform our own lives with openness to that light.

The Prince & The Hermit

Watch the full video http://youtu.be/hYSbB96he5s Highlight from Sunday service ” Perfection Is Self-Transcendence” Maria shares a wonderful story about how the values of a Prince shift when he meets a powerful Hermit.

Perfection Is Self-Transcendence

Yogananda defines the ego as the soul identified with the body. Maria shares that on the spiritual path, we transcend identification with our little selves (ego) when we choose to live in higher states of awareness, in God consciousness.

Can Man See God?

“The scientist investigates , the yogi becomes.” Maria talks about how when we look for God in all that we do, we open ourselves to experiencing the divine within everything.