Be a Smile Millionaire

“BE A SMILE MILLIONAIRE” Paramhansa Yogananda said. What impact does a simple smile has on us? How does it affect others around us? How can it change our day to day lives? Tyagis Narayani & Shurjo take us through the benefits of smiling and how can it change our mental, physical and emotional health as well as our relationships.

Superconscious Living Exercises

Superconscious Living Exercises Practice these rejunevating exercises by Swami Kriyananda together with Shurjo and Narayani from Ananda India. The Six Exercises 1) Walk vigorously in place before meditating. Affirm, “I am awake and ready! I am awake and ready!” 2) Extend your arms vigorously out to the side, then in front, then high above the head, affirming, “I am positive! … Read More

Bridging the Gap: Personal vs Spiritual Life

This is one of the more commonly asked questions: balancing the spiritual with the personal, everyday life. Somehow, a majority seem to be struggling with this issue; the inability to bring these two aspects of their lives together. But is there really an inherent conflict here? Are these two flows, one spiritual, the other personal, truly contradictory to one another. … Read More