Good Health: A Radiant Sense of Well-Being

Having good health means: – Healing of bodily diseases – Healing of mental or phychological diseases such as fear, anger, bad habits, failure consciousness, having confidence and so on. – Healing of spiritual diseases such as indifference, lack of purpose, ignorance of the laws of life and of man’s own divinity. Does our diet have an affect on our consciousness? … Read More

Book Study – Autobiography of a Yogi

When was the last time you read the Autobiography of a Yogi? This book is filled with hidden gems that are easily overlooked the first (or upteenth) reading. Let’s embark upon this journey of reading select passages together and discovering those hidden treasures. We’ll go slow and take our time, and over the course of the next several weeks or … Read More

Don’t Worry About Others’ Opinions

Webinar explaining the quote “Don’t worry about others’ opinions” from Swami Kriyanada’s book ‘Living Wisely Living Well’. With Tyagi Narayani (Co-Spiritual Director, Ananda Sangha Mumbai).

The Life of Jesus Christ: What is Our Lesson?

Satsang by Tyagis Shurjo and Narayani A Prophet. A Saviour. A God. A Man. Jesus, the Christ. His life is often refered to as, “The Greatest Story Ever Told” and for good reason. It has everything a good story needs: intrigue, mystery, miracles, power, conflict, triumph, tragedy, and above all, inspiration and the living presence of God. Of all the … Read More

Be a Smile Millionaire

“BE A SMILE MILLIONAIRE” Paramhansa Yogananda said. What impact does a simple smile has on us? How does it affect others around us? How can it change our day to day lives? Tyagis Narayani & Shurjo take us through the benefits of smiling and how can it change our mental, physical and emotional health as well as our relationships.