How Democratic Is Truth? (with Erin Vinacco)

Watch this inspiring Sunday Service talk with Erin Vinacco, recorded at Ananda Village on July 30 2023. Yogananda said: God is for everyone. But to be able to receive the spiritual teachings, the soul has to be ready and thirsty for God. Erin explains the different stages of consciousness every soul goes through and how they lead to our divine … Read More

Are You a Martha or a Mary?

Watch this inspiring Sunday Service talk recorded at Ananda Village on May 7th 2023. During this talk, Erin expands on the importance of balancing work and inward communion. She tells the story of Miramata, a disciple who was struggling with balancing work and inward focus. Receiving seemingly conflicting advice from her guru Paramhansa Yogananda, she had to learn what he … Read More

God’s Light Is Always with Us

Sunday Service with Erin Vinacco at Ananda Village, recorded January 15 2023. The reading for this week from Swami Kriyananda’s book Rays of the One Light is “Is God Present Even There, Where There Is Ignorance?” Truth is one and eternal. Realize oneness with it in your deathless Self, within. The following commentary is based on the teachings of Paramhansa … Read More