Yogananda Visits New York

We are very happy to offer you (in collaboration with the University of South Carolina) this original video footage of Swami Yogananda visiting New York City in 1923. Phil Goldberg describes the moment in his acclaimed biography The Life of Yogananda: The Story of the Yogi Who Became the First Modern Guru, pages 117-118: “The falling of leaves in 1923 … Read More

Class 4- Book Study “Autobiography Of a Yogi”

Chapter 3 & 4 We finished chapter 3 and moved into the 4th chapter. After Yogananda’s meeting in Benares with Swami Pranabananda (the Saint with two bodies), Yogananda now back in Calcutta tries to escape with his two friends to the Himalayas. But will he make it? We’ll continue where we left off in the next class.

Class 2- Book Study- Autobiography Of a Yogi

Chapter 1 & 2 We finished chapter 1 and moved into the 2nd chapter, focussing on Yogananda’s relationship with his mother, and the loss he felt with her passing. And how that loss sharped and fueled his desire to seek God more fervently. We’ll continue where we left off in the last class.