“The Thought That You Are Not Free Keeps You from Being Free”

Why did Yogananda sometimes go to the movies? • Movie theaters: symbolic of earthly life and God’s influence behind the changing scenes • “The thought that you are not free keeps you from being free” • “Samadhi is not something one needs to acquire. You have it already” (Conversations with Yogananda: 336-340)

Why Overcome the Ego?

When did Yogananda achieve final liberation? • Is ego-consciousness the same as self-consciousness? • The story of Byasa, Krishna, and cheese • How should one act in the world? • Yogananda’s praise for Sister Gyanamata’s consciousness • Shouldn’t we develop our own will, and not submit always to our teacher’s will? • Casting out ego-consciousness • The inner relationship with … Read More

Using Our Full Power

When faced with a challenge in life, right attitude is crucial. A negative outlook only blocks the energy, but when we have a positive approach and are willing to go to great lengths, nothing is impossible. When things get tough we need to gather all our energy and go full blast.