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Guided Meditation on Healing Power of AUM

It's time to return to that stillness within. It's time to meditate.

Tyagini Narayani and Tyagi Shurjo:

Welcome to our guided meditation Tuesdays I hope you've already had a wonderful beginning to your week, but for now, Narayani and me, this is the beginning. Monday is our day of silence and seclusion, so Tuesday is really the beginning of our week.

Let's continue on Sunday we talked about prayer, and we talked about, especially from the perspective of healing, praying for others so even today with the guided meditation, let's just continue that bhav, that flow. So today we'll focus on and meditate a little bit more on the power of AUM, kind of just going a little deeper in that vibration of AUM and so to begin with let's do a chant with AUM. This is, Fill my body. Fill my Spirit. Fill me with the sound of AUM

The Power of AUM

Yogananda used to say that when we are in AUM nothing can touch us. And this is what we would like to explore today through the sound of AUM, through the Word of AUM, through our concentration through our awareness, and see if we can infuse in every cell of our body that consciousness of healing that brings this sound and the Word of AUM.

We are going to practice together a technique that Yogananda himself gave. And this is specifically for any body part that is diseased or there is a block of energy for various weaknesses in that particular part of our body. But it will not heal only at a physical level. This technique will go straight and work with the emotional and energetic level of our body. So, what we are going to do right now is to chant mentally 15 times the word AUM in specific body parts, and I will mention those body parts, and we will chant AUM 15 times together.

So, what we will do is to mention the name of that part. We will vibrate, infusing that part with energy, and as we release, then we'll chant AUM 15 times.

How to Work with Energy and the Vibration of AUM.

So, in order to get ready for the kind of concentration and awareness that this technique requires. Scan your body first. Make sure your spine is straight, the energy is flowing upward to the point between the eyebrows, and your mind is alert, awake, and ready to work with energy and to work with the vibration of AUM.

So, let's concentrate now on our two feet, both of them together, and let's tense them, vibrate, relax the feet completely, and mentally chant AUM 15 times to both feet. (Softly chant AUM 15x)

Bring your awareness right now to your calves. Tense both calves. Vibrate, infusing them with energy, with light. Relax now completely and mentally, with concentration, with awareness, chant AUM 15 times, sending that AUM to your calves. (Softly chant AUM 15x)

Let's move on up, up to our thighs. Tense both thighs, vibrate, and relax completely. Only when you feel they are completely relaxed, mentally chant AUM 15 times, energizing them, bringing a fresh flow of energy through the Word of AUM, the vibration of AUM.

Let's now concentrate on the gluteus. Tense that area, vibrate, and gradually relax completely. And once again, with concentration, with awareness, let's chant AUM 15 times.  AUM, AUM, AUM,…

Continue to lift your awareness now to our abdomen. Visualize it. Bring your awareness there, tense the abdomen below and above the navel, and gradually relax and chant AUM 15 times. Sending waves of peace, of harmony for relaxing the muscles of that area. AUM, AUM, AUM…, creating a space to breathe properly, releasing any tension, any emotion that gets accumulated there.

Let's move up now to the chest and energize the Anahata chakra by tensing that area, the center of your chest, and gradually, slowly relax and chant AUM 15 times. AUM, AUM, AUM…  Try to expand the energy in that area, opening up, creating a space every time you chant AUM, the heart opens deeper layers of the heart. Open up without any resistance.

Now both forearms, tense both of them simultaneously and gradually relax, and let's use the power of AUM, AUM, AUM… Keep your awareness in your forearms, stimulating the energy of those muscles that body part with the sound of AUM, AUM, AUM, …

Remember, we are invigorating each body part through the Word of AUM.

Let's move up to the upper arms, both of them at the same time, tense, vibrate, feel that vibration, and deliberately slowly relax completely, and mentally chant AUM in both upper arms. AUM, AUM, AUM, … Keep yourself very engaged, dynamically practicing this technique that has the power to bring you at the heart of AUM vibration.

Let's now bring the sound of AUM to the throat. Tense the throat and relax. Mentally infuse your throat, your words, your ability to communicate with the power of AUM, AUM, AUM, … 15 times.

We are almost up there. Let’s first stop at the medulla oblongata, which is situated at the base of our skull. Let’s tense that area where the ego resides. Tense and relax, allowing the energy to flow freely upward. And mentally chant AUM in that area with greater concentration and greater awareness. We are working with the healing vibration of AUM. Use it wisely. AUM, AUM, AUM, …

Now let's move that energy from the medulla all the way up to the point between the eyebrows. And let's knit that area, frown in your eyebrows several times, stimulating the prefrontal lobe. And relax completely. Let's chant mentally AUM 15 times at the point between the eyebrows.  AUM, AUM, AUM, … Try to visualize, to feel your brain changing, prewiring it as you chant AUM at the point between the eyebrows. AUM, AUM, AUM, …

The moment you finish chanting AUM give yourself a few moments to feel the vibration now flowing throughout your body, the cells of your body, each muscle, each body part, each organ, each feeling, and each thought is vibrating with AUM. The more relaxed you are, the more you'll be able to feel it.

The vibration of AUM brings a sense of lightness within the body, a sense of weightlessness, and from this space, from this awareness that we are One with AUM.

Experiencing the Power of Hong Sau

Let's practice together their Hong Sau technique. From the point between the eyebrows as you inhale, mentally chant Hong, and as you exhale, mentally chant Sau.  Hong Sau.

This mantra now vibrates also with the healing power of AUM, Hong Sau.

Hong Sau at this level is not practiced so much physically but vibrationally, energetically. Hong Sau.

As you inhale with the Hong, try to feel your energy withdrawing even deeper at the point between the eyebrows. And in the same way, as you exhale, taking you to deeper states of pratyahara, interiorized in your energy evermore. Hong Sau.

Keep your gaze uplifted, your face relaxed.

The more we practice this mantra, the more seems to disappear, taking us to deeper levels of awareness within us. Hong Sau

Keep your awareness still at the point between the eyebrows, and start feeling that the mantra is fading away. You're vibrating in the ether. The only thing remaining is a vibration at the point between the eyebrows. Clean yourself in that vibration for as long as you can. Stay there as your moment of pause, your time of being. It is a very dynamic space, yet it brings an overwhelming sense of stillness and expansion.

We’re like floating in space. Whatever feeling you are experiencing, become one with it. Make it real. Make it your own. Allow it to change your consciousness. Open yourself to explore the deeper aspects of our consciousness.

Directing the Vibrations of AUM to Those in Need

Let's take a minute or two to listen to Swami Kriyananda chanting AUM. And try to tune into the quality of his voice. You can perceive easily his consciousness through the vibration of his voice, of the sound of AUM. So, for a minute or two, perhaps three, let's tune into that as deeply as we can. Don't listen with your mind, but with your heart, with your being.

As we feel these waves of AUM washing over, and entering us, let's now begin to direct this vibration of AUM toward those in need. Over the last many days, our brothers and sisters across India and across the world have been sending in their names or the names of their loved ones, most directly affected by the current situation. So we'll go through some of those names, and whoever they are, wherever they are, feel these waves of AUM passing from you, through you, into them, feeling them flooding them, making them whole again, healed in body, mind, and soul.

[Many names read by Shurjo]

Now, of course, these names by no means are even close to the many children of Divine Mother across our country, across this globe. But the power of AUM knows no boundaries, no is no limitations. It flows on through space for eternity in all directions toward Infinity.

Continue to just feel this vibration of AUM, these waves just passing through you. And as they pass through us, they carry with us our prayers, our wishes, or hopes for all these people, for all those in need. Pray also for all the medical professionals, the frontline warriors. Pray for all the hospitals, COVID facilities. Pray for all families who have lost somebody. Pray especially for the children for whom it's very hard even to understand what is going on. Pray for the politicians and bureaucrats that they may act swiftly, kindly, lovingly, and impartially for all. Pray above all, for compassion, for support, for love to blossom in the hearts of all. Everyone just naturally looks to help and uplift others and with that, let us pray:

Divine Mother, Thou art Omnipresent. Thou art in all Thy children.

Manifest your healing presence, in all bodies, in all minds, and all souls.

Rub our hands together, gathering this power, still feeling the vibration of AUM, flowing through you wave after wave. Gather all that energy now into the palms of your hands and chanting AUM ourselves, let us broadcast it in all directions. AUM, AUM, AUM

AUM, Shanti, Shanti, Shanti

If you know individually of people who are perhaps very much in this moment in need of healing even now for the rest of this evening, just run their names through your mind like a japa, almost just one after the other. And just hold them in this vibration of AUM. Keep them in your heart, in your mind; through that, they receive so much energy and so much conscious attention from the universe on your behalf. Just do that as much as you are able to with as many people as you are able to.

And tomorrow Narayani and I are going to perform a ceremony called the astral ascension ceremony. That Swami Kriyananda wrote. It is to help the departed soul to ascend into the Light to ascend into freedom, that nothing's holding them back, that they don't feel our pain and grief, in the sense of hope, keeping them somewhat bound, that they feel free, that they feel that they can joyfully ascend into that Light, merge into that Light.

So, we'll do this ceremony tomorrow in the evening. If there's anybody you know, any names, anybody who's passed away that you would like for us to include in the ceremony, please do share it with us, ideally, with a photograph and just a little write-up in their name, so we really get to get a sense of who this person is. And otherwise, we'll be doing this, and Ananda India, we'll be doing this quite often, I believe, every Sunday, every Wednesday, on a regular basis. So, my hope this can be of some help to those who've lost their loved ones, at least to guide them into the next stages of their soul evolution.

It will be in the evening, at 8 pm. It won't be on Facebook because we want to keep it a little bit more sacred and more intimate, so though the invitation is open to each one of you to participate, but it will be on Zoom. So, if you are interested to add your energy, your compassion, your condolences to, you know, those that you know, perhaps even if you don't know, but you just want to add your presence and your energy. We very much would love to have your participation. It is a very uplifting ceremony that really helps us to understand death from a completely different perspective. So, if you would like to know more about it and how to help also your friends who have lost someone, and we very much encourage you to join and get a sense of how many of us disciples of Yogananda are on this path really relate to death and what it means for us and what we can do with that transition in order to keep helping the soul to evolve.

Please join us if you would like.

All right, everybody, have a lovely evening. Good night. Good night.