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Guided Meditation on Light

Tyagini Narayani, Tyagi Shurjo
March 26, 2021

Tyagini Narayani joins Tyagi Shurjo as he guides us in a spectacular fluid journey into the Light after they first lead us in chanting Who is in My Temple.


Shurjo and Narayani

Let’s try our best to go as deep as we can to really remember both, whether it's from the technique perspective but also from the perspective of opening ourselves as fully as we can to the Divine and this chant is Who is in My Temple. It's just the recognition of the fact that God's already inside that Divine Presence is already a part of us, and all we have to do is the moment we touch it everything else just happens almost automatically all the doors open themselves all the lights light themselves. So sing these words with us and set up right; keep the gaze uplifted even as you chant. Feel the energy building in your heart.

Who is in my temple. Who is in my temple. All the doors do open themselves. All the Lights do light themselves. Darkness like a dark bird, flies away, oh flies away. Darkness like a dark bird, flies away, oh flies away. 

How to Use the Chant to Settle into the Light

Make sure that the spine is completely open, the doorways to your chakras have been flung open that God's presence God's power in God's light just naturally manifests with this complete openness of the physical body through your posture of the astral body, through your inner awareness and of the causal body through the firmness of your mind, single-pointedly focus. From all three levels of being, let us call upon the grace of God and Guru.

Calling on the Masters

Divine Mother Heavenly Father, Friend, Beloved God, Great Masters Jesus Christ, Babaji Krishna, Lahiri Mahasaya, Swami Sri Yukteswar, and Paramhansa Yogananda. Saints of all religions, joyfully, humbly, we call out to you in readiness and openness to receive your Grace, your Light, and your Joy. Help us go deep into this meditation like never before. To the perfection, of our concentration and stillness, through diving deep into the breath, may we be guided to your infinite peace. Be with us during this meditation, during every moment of our lives, that already, through this one encounter, we may be free now and forever. Aum,, Shanti Shanti Shanti.

Practicing Mindful Meditation on the Quality of Light

Settling back in, scan your three bodies once again, ensuring that not one of them is out of alignment in receiving this divine consciousness. Make sure especially if the door of your heart is completely open. Feel that a string from the heart center is being pulled upward and outward, lifting the chest up. Feel another such pull from the top of your head elongating the spine. Without too much tension or strain, try to hold the physical body in complete readiness.

At the same time, let us now align the astral body, visualizing each of the chakras, starting at the base. And through our energy and awareness, relaxing them and in the traditional image of the lotus, allowing them to open. Place your attention at the base of your spine and gradually move up chakra by chakra until you feel united in the Sushumna. All seven centers are feeding energy upward, increasing their power as they join into the chakra above. Feel that channel of light running through the very center of your being. From the base above to the medulla and then gently bending at the medulla towards the point between the eyebrows.

And finally, let us now align our causal being our body of thought and intention. Let us firmly set it at the point between the eyebrows that the mind not waver even for a moment.

Bring your attention now to the breath. Find it and befriend it. Most importantly try, even as you watch the breath, try to perceive God's constant presence just behind the breath. This requires us to go a layer deeper than we have before. Even as the breath flows, there is this presence obscured by the movement of the breath but very much there.

Gradually shifting the awareness of yoga breath to the point between the eyebrows as if breathing from the Kutastha. Once again, watch, observe, and feel. Feel especially for those moments of breathlessness. Every pause between the breath, between inhalation and exhalation, gives you just a momentary glimpse at the face of God. Look deeper now. Try to hold that Face as long as you can. Try to enter into that window of rest between the duality of breath.

And from that connection to God established, listen now for his whisper in the form of Hong Sau.  Let that sacred mantra emanate from His lips, not ours. Let that vibratory power begin to flood our brain, pouring forth from the Kutastha, flowing with the breath. Allow Hong Sau now to be the only thought, only sound, the only voice in your head.

Watch the inner light spontaneously appear. Very vibration of Hong. Sau, bringing forth your inner light, the illuminance of your being no longer obscured by the restless mind and body, by the biased heart.

Through Hong Sau, feel that you have cleared all layers of doubt of fear, of attachment, confusion. And breathe in and out now into that light. Let the Hong Sau vibration flow into that light, drawing you deeper.

Let that light now completely suck into it your breath, the mantra, your awareness. And so, offer your technique, letting it go into that formless experience of God. There is now only you and this light. And even the you begins to fade. As the reality of the light begins to grow and expand, feel the light magnetically drawing you into it. Gradually it enters now into your entire brain, every neuron, every pathway, every cell, a thin light.

Little by little, your body transforms into that light. Feel that process, that metamorphosis. Slowly, gradually, only as much as you can go to visualize and experience, let the light gently flow downward through your face melting away old tension down your neck. And feel that flow down the spine spreading out through the nervous system.

From each of the chakra points through your chest into your arms into your lungs, your heart down the body, into the stomach, the liver, the kidneys, into stains down into your hips, your thighs, your calves, your feet. Now there is only light, and since there is only light, there is only you.

Begin now gradually to see if this Divine Light is willing to expand beyond your body is willing to grow your sense of self beyond the confines of your flesh. Gaze firmly uplifted and focused. The more deeply you concentrate, the more powerfully this light expands.

And feel it now growing far beyond you as you can little by little. Don't stretch it too thin that you lose contact with that light, with that image, with that experience. Just let it grow until it consumes the room that you are in, consumes everything in that room, the people, the things, the objects. Let's just hold it there until we can feel complete unity with the chair that we're sitting on or the floor that we feel beneath us. Complete unity to the couch, to the bed, to the table, whatever is around us; try to feel yourself united in that light, expanding your own sense of self.

Let's not grow any beyond that until we can really feel that absolutely everything in this room has merged into me and I into it until there is no me and it. There is only light, only God.

Now experiencing yourself in this expanded state, feeling the limits of your being touching the walls of your room, let's chant Aum now, and as we do that, try to feel the vibration of Aum emanating from your center and going out to the very corners of this light that you have become. Let us solidify the state of expansion through the vibration of Aum.

Just hold the state now and stay as much as you can in this greater experience of yourself. And we'll return in just a minute to take this experience into a deeper discussion how to overcome negativity. Aum