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Humor: Inspiration For The Week

A good sense of humor is an effective means of keeping a sense of perspective through the trials and difficulties of life. By not taking things too seriously, one develops non-attachment. One should not laugh too much, however, lest the mind become light, and one’s view of life, superficial. Thus, one needs to achieve a sense of perspective where humor itself is concerned. The best way to do so is to share one’s laughter with God; to laugh with the sense of His joy, within. Never laugh at people, but rather with them. For humor should be kindly, not sarcastic. Laugh with pure delight, and everyone will join you in your laughter.


In laughter I recall my own mistakes. Merriest am I when, by laughing, I include myself!


I delight in life’s comedy, for it reminds me that true sanity exists in Thee alone!


(Swami Kriyananda, "Affirmations for Self-Healing")