Transforming Lives: The Importance of Spiritual Education

Ananda Students talk about why they chose this college and what they have gotten from it. Learn more about how you can help: Ananda College is dedicated to changing lives through personalized learning, inner development, and preparing students to meet life’s challenges. Today, we are launching a campaign to raise $79,500 towards student scholarships by September 2nd. Your donation … Read More

The Vision for Education for Life at Ananda Laurelwood

A talk given by Nayaswami Nitai and Usha Dermond about the world vision for Education for Life, at the new Ananda Laurelwood campus in Oregon, where “a way of sharing sanaatan dharma in a dwapara context” can be manifest (quoting Nitai). Nitai also says that Education for Life represents “a new dispensation of truth on the planet that fits dwapara … Read More