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Meditation for Balance & Equilibrium

Tyagini Narayani, Tyagi Shurjo
March 13, 2021

Tyagi's Narayani and Shurjo lead us in a guided meditation for balancing and harmonizing our breaths to the state of breathlessness, a Divine state of Equilibrium with the Divine.


Tyagini Narayani and Tyagi Shurjo:


Good evening, everyone.

Good evening, everyone. Welcome to our meditation and healing prayer session. Today is a special day in the sense that we've just transitioned over to a new month. But it also represents the beginning of the end, doesn't it, of this year? As such, as the play of duality, beginning, ending, beginning ending, we experience this every day, night, and day. We experience this every moment in our breath. But the true purpose of duality really is the expression of balance, of harmony, and equilibrium. And that's what I'd like for us to meditate on today because that's also really the purpose of true healing, which is to return back any transgression that has been made. The very purpose of, in fact, disease and then the process of healing is the process of balancing and harmonizing to our original state.

Chanting Jai Guru Aumkara To Invoke the Holy Trinity; Uniting Our Consciousness

So, let's chant together also in the same flow. We're going to sing to the Holy Trinity of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva, also representing Vishnu, of course being that sustaining, still moment in between the creation and destruction, and that's where we'd like to kind of unite our consciousness today as well. So, sing with us, and awaken all the energies that are going to be needed to achieve this balance.

Jai Guru Aumkara, Jaya, Jaya!

Satguru Aumkara.

Brahma, Vishnu, Sadashiva.

Hara, hara, hara, hara Mahadeva.

Perfect balance through our body posture

Since our meditation today is focused on balance, let's find that perfect balance first through our body, through our posture, and make sure the spine is straight and erect, open. You are neither bending forward nor leaning backward, and your weight is distributed perfectly on both legs as you place them solidly on the ground in complete stability. Your hands, too, are perfectly balanced on either side, palms facing upward, your chin your neck parallel to the ground, neither drooping forward nor is there tension in the back of the neck. Hold this body in a state of perfect equilibrium, stills, steady.

Balancing and Harmonizing the Breath

Let us now balance and harmonize our breath together. We'll do it by harmonizing especially the energies in the Ida and pingala through the anulom-vilom pranayama. So, let's create the Vishnu mudra, especially as we were talking about Vishnu as that state of harmony between creation and destruction.

Let’s find that harmony now within by closing with your right thumb your right nostril.

Inhale through the left nostril to a count of six. Inhale.

Closing both nostrils, hold the breath. (To a count of six)

Open the right and exhale through the right nostril. (To a count of six)

Inhale through the right. (To a count of six)

Close both, hold. (To a count of six)

Exhale through the left. (To a count of six)

Inhale through the left. (To a count of six)

Hold as you close both nostrils. (To a count of six)

Exhale, right. (To a count of six)

Inhale through the right. (To a count of six)

Hold and close. (To a count of six)

Exhale through the left. (To a count of six)

We’ll go a little longer. Now, as you inhale through the left, feel the energy rising up the Ida on the left side of your body. Bring the energy up to the point between the eyebrows, and close your nostrils. Keep your focus there as you hold your breath. Gaze uplifted.

Opening the right, feel the energy as you exhale descend through the Pingala down gently slowly deliberately bring the lifeforce down to the base of your spine.

Close now, hold the energy there for a moment.

Now, inhale through the right, lift that energy up against the direction of the Pingala all the way up, and hold it at the point between the eyebrows. Close your nostrils and keep the energy focused there.

Opening the left, exhale down the Ida, neutralizing these two currents and relaxing completely. Bring your hands down, but keep your focus just for a moment. If you can, just feel those two general currents on either side of the Ida and Pingala intertwining around that central channel of the shushumna, creating the experience of duality within us. Keeping us forever restless, forever in motion, forever involved through this simple pranayam, we work to neutralize those two currents, stabilizing our mind, stabilizing our breath.

Take a moment once again just feel the two sides of your body: the masculine and the feminine, the analytical and the intuitive, the expressive and the introspective.

Activating Energy Within the Shushumna

With your gaze uplifted, now feel all that energy being interiorized and channeled deeper within the shushumna. Visualize, or better yet, try to perceive that energy gently rising at the very center of your being. As it raises, it naturally harmonizes, balances the various aspects of your personality, of your emotions, of your expression, balances out your karma, your samskaras, the vasanas. Feel that gentle energy, stay with it, and coax it lovingly upward as you magnetize the spiritual life.

Once you feel the energy, single-pointedly focused at the kutastha at the agya chakra, begin now to experience the breath at that point. Just try to open yourself to perceive the breath there. Even if it doesn't come in the beginning, even if you're unable to feel it there. We're not pushing, we're not forcing, we're not creating; we are achieving a state of complete stillness and receptivity, allowing the breath to find its way to the spiritual eye.

Watch the breath, that constant movement of inhalation and exhalation, each working to cancel the other out, each dependent on the other, each created by the other, none can exist without other. Yet, focus especially on that point when inhalation begins to transform into exhalation and vice versa.

Find that moment where the breath is neither inhalation nor exhalation and at the same time, it is both inhalation and exhalation, that moment of transition when one begins to shift towards the other, but it's still at the very center, neither one nor the other, yet containing both. Find that moment. As you focus deeply on the breath. It will only come if you are paying absolute attention.

Look for each and every one of those moments where inhalation becomes exhalation, where there is neither inhalation nor exhalation, that primordial state before vibration began before duality manifested. It has been within each one of us from the very beginning; every moment we experience it for a fraction of a second, every breath transition through that point of perfect balance. But each one of us has to find it for ourselves, and having found it right now, we must learn to unite our consciousness with that unmoving state.

Adding the Mantra Hong Sau

With the breath now, to make this practice more dynamic, naturally begin to tune into the vibration of Hong Sau. And each time, look now, not just for inhalation and exhalation uniting, look for the two mantras uniting, Hong Sau, I am that.  Try to unite the I am, and the that, the Spirit, the Infinite, the Only.

Watch for where Hong becomes Sau, and Sau merges back into Hong, that moment of breathlessness, that moment of silence where there's no movement, no vibration, no existence but pure consciousness.  Our Guru said when Hong and Sau merge into perfect breathlessness, it produces the AUM vibration. It becomes AUM. Tune into that merging of these two opposites. Tune into breath and mantra merging into one at the point between the eyebrows.

if your mind chooses to get distracted, if it's drawn elsewhere, this is not the time for that. To uncover the secrets of creation itself, all your awareness and your focus is needed. Not one stray thought can be allowed to distract you from this purpose. So, wherever the mind goes each time, bring it back, back to its point of origin, back to a state of balance, back to that primordial state of being.

Hong Sau. Hong becomes Sau becomes Hong becomes AUM. We cannot create it. We must allow this process to emerge before us by surrendering to it, by offering ourselves in every fiber of our being into that moment of unity, that moment of harmony, of equilibrium. Hong Sau

Stay with the breath until breath becomes mind, becomes mantra, becomes silence. This is the state of ultimate healing where every cell in your body is in a state of suspended animation, electrified cosmic prana, no longer dependent on the human breath, sustained by the power of Vishnu alone from the kutastha.

Go from breath to breathlessness, from mantra to silence, but you have to pass through the breath and through the mantra to get there.

Next time you feel that merging point of inhalation and exhalation, surrender the technique into that primordial state, letting go of breath, letting go of mantra, your mind now completely absorbed in the now, in the present, in the only experience that has ever existed.

Hold your gaze firmly uplifted. Don't sever that connection. Lift up your consciousness to the state of perfect health and healing, for nothing can touch you, the ultimate protection. Enter into it deeper and deeper and deeper until this state of Oneness becomes you. Interiorized, deeper into yourself, find that point of origin, the very center of your being.

Healing Pray To Divine Mother

Let's visualize our Divine Mother, the ruler of this universe. She has the power to transform, to heal, to bring in perfect harmony everything in this universe. So, let's visualize Divine Mother in the form of Light, opening her arms wide open and embracing especially these souls we have prayed for this evening and in that loving heart where She brings all these souls close to Her chest to the center of Her Being, infusing them with that power that purifies and harmonize every cell, every atom, every thought of disease, every consciousness of sickness, she transforms all that into Light, into perfect health, perfect wellbeing. And this is how we are going to see right now these souls in perfect harmony with their bodies, minds, and souls embraced, protected by Divine Mother's arms.

And holding this image very clearly at the point between the eyebrows, let's pray together in their name.


Divine Mother.

You are Omnipresent

You are taking care of all Your children

Manifest your healing Light, Your Power, Your transforming Love, infusing the soul with Your healing Light.

May make them perfect in your image.

Bless them. Purify them and transform them in Your Light.

Let's rub our hands together, chanting AUM, visualizing her arms become our arms. Let’s chant AUM together, sending Light to these souls and out into the world.


Feel the energy flowing through your palms, and let's remember that there is power, healing power flowing through us.


AUM, Shanti, Shanti