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Questions and Answers with Narayani and Shurjo

List of Questions:

1. Is it true that our souls choose certain experiences for us to learn the lessons? What about children or people in general who are abused or mistreated tremendously? It is hard to imagine that they "chose" these experiences.

2. If you know your purpose, but struggle with identifying how to go about it? What would be the best way to work on it?

3. How does one recognize "guidance" and know that they are following it rightly and not making mistakes?

4. Is it ok to listen to other self-realised teachers if you feel drawn to them too? Can a disciple have two Gurus whom he can follow?

5. Does Kriya Yoga & Meditation help to eliminate or free oneself from birth defects - physical or mental?

6. When we meditate, what are some of the manifestations that we feel and observe that make us believe that we are doing it right and it's working and we are reaching closer to God?