Life Lessons in Unexpected Places, a podcast based on a collection of lessons from Swami Kriyananda. Asha goes into depth on their meaning and shares practical applications of how we can make every moment of our lives an opportunity to expand our awareness and open or hearts.

Remain Connected

Episode 1
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The further a person tries to project his personal influence, beyond his own immediate concerns, the more he inflates his ego. In the end, it may pop like a toy balloon, becoming useless even to himself. Perhaps this even explains certain cases of senility.

Apply Right Principles

Episode 4
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Freedom, when truly lived, leads one forward on the path of law of reality. Every car driver knows that though a car may be steered from several positions, it will steer best from the driver’s seat.

Museum Pieces

Episode 7
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Theological definitions freeze truth, as if in blocks of ice. Such careful formuli are like precious chinaware, designed to be stored away safely and never brought out—except on special occasions. Experienced truth is for everyday use—it breathes, it warms, it inspires.

Two Sorts of Happiness

Episode 8
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The exhilaration of excitement stirs the mind but also befuddles it. Seek that exhilaration which accompanies calm upliftment, to the heart especially. People under the influence of excitement jump up and down, urged by upward spurts of energy in the spine. Every leap upward, however, is followed by a descent. Only heartfelt aspiration can take the mind soaring at last … Read More

Be a Good Gardner of Life

Episode 9
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When cultivating your garden of life, take care lest pride produce noxious weeds to choke and kill the wholesome plants of devotion, kindness, and self control. The world is like a symphony, God is the great conductor Who alone can bring music out of everything.

The Currents of Grace

Episode 12
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As a bird in flight takes advantage of the air currents, so try to ride on the currents of grace. Be sensitive to them, for they will carry you to success in everything. Success is not always the outcome of stress: Listen for whispered guidance in your soul.