In this deep exploration of how to become successful using spiritual principles, Nayaswami Asha covers:

  • Magnetically attracting opportunities
  • Becoming a good employer or employee
  • Responding to challenges in a way that strengthens you
  • The true nature of money, and how to invest it wisely

… and more.

Using your working life as a starting place, these 41 lessons help you expand your success in a way that deepens your spirituality.

This class series was given by Nayaswami Asha in July 2009 through September 2010. It is based on Swami Kriyananda’s Success and Happiness Through Yoga Principles lessons. To get the most out of these classes, we recommend taking Online with Ananda’s Success and Happiness Course, which offers the lessons for download as PDFs.

Class 2: Law of Karma

Episode 2

In the second class in this series, Nayaswami Asha discusses the idea of Magnetism. She delves deep into the unfailing law of Karma and the right attitude to approach it in our lives. (Based on Lesson 1.)

Class 3: Karma and the Role of Grace

Episode 3

In the third class in this series, Nayaswami Asha continues to discuss the topic of karma and right action. She explains the idea of God and the grace that is freely available at all times to those that attune to it. (Based on Lesson 1.)

Class 5: To Become Successful, Leave Turbulent Emotions Behind

Episode 5

When a person becomes very successful, Asha says, it’s because they have worked very hard at in the past. But does that success always bring them happiness? This class covers karma, reincarnation, feeling versus emotion, how to find out what we should do, and the importance of energy and enthusiasm in the spiritual life.

Class 6: Overcoming Obstacles

Episode 6

Asha gives practical advice to help us identify what blocks our ability to manifest. Taking up a modest goal first, will help us succeed and grow our will and confidence. Faith is knowing that the energy and will are already there if we are standing in right relationship to what we want.

Class 8: Questions and Answers

Episode 8

Asha discusses Paramhansa Yoganada’s prediction of world economic collapse and answers questions and concerns, reminding the group that he also asked people not to be afraid, but to seek refuge in God.

Class 9: The Process of Manifesting

Episode 9

Asha starts the class with personal stories that illustrate the importance of focused visualization in the process of manifesting. Inspiration, intuition, and energy are not in themselves sufficient, she says — one has to invest themselves in obtaining the required knowledge as well.

Class 11: Right Attitude

Episode 11

Developing right attitude and the right Relationship with the Divine is essential to meeting life’s challenges. Learn the art of consciously cultivating a sensitivity of heart and creating a strong aura of energy, bu tuning into a higher source.

Class 12: Victory Follows Righteousness

Episode 12

There is a saying in India, “Yata Dharama Tata Jaya” — “Where there is adherence to right action, there is victory.” Living righteously is essential to building faith in God. Asha also shares the art and science of cultivating your personal awareness and relationship with the Divine.