Class 13: How to Overcome Fear

Episode 13

How to transcend our ego’s identity to the problems in life and the transitory nature of existence? By tuning into our unchanging nature within, we will overcome confusion about our own moral compass.

Class 14: The Answer Is Within

Episode 14

A key element in manifesting success, Asha says, is to anchor yourself in your unchanging Self within. One must develop a deep understanding that the source of all power is in their changeless, eternal Self.

Class 15: How to Make Spiritual Progress

Episode 15

Balancing work and meditation becomes easy when we truly understand our life experience from the inside out. Asha shares real examples of how our inner and outer realities work together, and how soul progresses through continuous expansion of awareness.

Class 16: Finding Balance

Episode 16

By becoming still, we invite our superconsciousness to guide our lives — it is that dynamic life force within us that changes us, creates success on every level, and offers the secret to balancing work and spiritual life. (Based on Lesson 7.)

Class 17: The Illusory Nature of Time

Episode 17

Nayaswami Asha discusses the concept of time and its illusory nature. Whatever the endeavor, energy and inspiration are essential to create excellence — the quantity of time is not. (Based on Lesson 8.)

Class 18: Importance of Human Values

Episode 18

Through intuitive understanding, one learns to relate to all people and every circumstance as a part of divine flow — and by consciously choosing to live in harmony with right principles, success naturally follows. (Based on Lesson 9.)

Class 19: Right Action — Living a God-Centered Life

Episode 19

The spiritual path is about tapping into one’s inner consciousness and the changeless reality of God, the infinite light. By offering all that one does to that Light, one sees how everyday activity is an expression of a greater reality. Nayaswami Asha continues the discussion on human values and Patanjali’s Yamas and Niyamas as guideposts to right living. (Based on … Read More

Class 20: How to be a Good Leader

Episode 20

Leaders can use their magnetism to expand consciousness of this planet. In order to be effective in helping others, leaders must be not only righteous but also realistic in their approach. (Based on Lesson 10.)

Class 21: Leadership as a Service

Episode 21

Good leadership is a talent that requires patience and astuteness to help balance what is right with what is real. A leader’s own preferences and realities must be seen in relationship to the whole. (Based on Lesson 10.)

Class 22: Investing Wisely

Episode 22

The planet is unbalanced by greed and we should expect a correction in the form of economic difficulties. Loss of greed will lead to gain in spirituality. Investment is not only about where we place our money but also about where our time and energy are spent. (Based on Lesson 11.)

Class 23: The True Nature of Money

Episode 23

Spirituality and spiritual communities will thrive in a period of world economic unrest, Asha says. Swami Kriyananda’s advice on investing money involves choosing wisely by understanding the true nature of money and the delusions that come with seeking wealth. (Based on Lesson 11.)