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Wisdom: Inspiration for the Week

Tyagini Narayani, Tyagi Shurjo
February 9, 2022

We often hear the expression, “sadder but wiser.” This is the mark of worldly wisdom, which people equate with disillusionment. Indeed, worldly hopes, sooner or later, all end in disappointment, and sometimes in great sorrow. Worldly wisdom often wears the garb of sadness. Not so, divine wisdom! On the spiritual path, the expression should be, “happier and wiser”! For true human wisdom means recognizing at last the pathway out of delusion, and toward the light of truth. Divine wisdom is Omniscience itself. In such wisdom there is no shadow of sorrow, only bliss absolute, bliss infinite, bliss eternal!


As I learn the lessons that life teaches me, I grow toward ever-greater joy and freedom.


I am grateful, Lord, for every test You send me. Each time I stumble, help me to learn. Each time my human weakness makes me fall, help me to grow stronger. May I realize behind every pain Thy calm, reassuring wisdom.

(Swami Kriyananda, Affirmations for Self-Healing)