How to Achieve Glowing Health and Vitality

Glowing Health
Health for Body, Mind, and Soul

Who doesn’t want more energy and joy? This comprehensive, online course covers practical, wide-ranging, and fascinating suggestions on how to live a radiantly healthy life.

This course is packed with easy-to-follow healing techniques for the physical, energetic, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.

Your instructor will guide and support you each step of the way on the path to glowing health and vitality!

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    Tuition: $79

    In this online course, you will learn ways to:

    • Rejuvenate the body and mind
    • Relax more consciously and deeply
    • Increase your magnetism
    • Feel more sustaining energy throughout your day
    • Overcome mental stagnation
    • Heal and prevent disease

    What you'll receive:

    • textbook (pdf format)
    • digital video classes given by Avital Miller as well as some of Ananda's most experienced teachers
    • interactive forums for sharing insights, inspiration, and encouragement
    • experiential exercises helping you put these teaching into practice
    • 4 talks and videos by Swami Kriyananda and other Ananda teachers
    • personal support (via email or telephone)
    • Recordings and resources from 3 day guided online-cleanse
    • certificate of completion

    The course consists of 7 lessons.

    our Instructor

    avitalLonging to share the deeper aspects of yoga postures and the spiritual path, Avital Miller served as an Ananda Yoga Teacher Trainer and as Sales and Marketing Director for Crystal Clarity Publishers for 6 years. She now teaches on the road and has her home base in Portland, Oregon. Avital has a professional background in dance and has created spiritual dance performances, as well as movement programs to help people direct their energy to the divine.

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