Headshot of Vayu Castelli
Vayu Castelli, Co-Manager Ananda Communications, IT
Headshot of Anna Preston
Anna Preston, Co-Manager Ananda Communications, Marketing
Shyama García-Davis, Co-Manager Ananda Communications, Marketing

There have been two aspects of the Communications and Marketing Grant that were supported by the Ananda Janaka Grant in 2023. 

One aspect was for the purchase of data to help Ananda send more focused communications to those who wish to hear from us. One example is our emails inviting people to family programs. With the new data, we were able to send a focused email to people we know who have children in the right age range. 

The other aspect was for setting up a new Learning Management System (LMS) for our main website: Ananda.org

Online Classes & Programs This new learning system (LMS) will offer an improved experience for Online Classes and Programs for both teachers and students. The new system will offer an optimized experience for the user in terms of speed and accessibility.

Ananda Virtual Community  The new system will also serve as a platform to launch the new and improved Ananda Virtual Community.