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Over ten thousand people gathered on the grounds of the iconic India Gate in Delhi, India; at the same time many thousands congregated at the United Nations Plaza in New York City. Why had they all come? Was it part of some global political protest? Yes and No. It was June 21, the annual International…

When Lord Krishna played the role of a boy chela in the Avanti ashram of Guru Sandipani, He formed an intimate friendship with His fellow disciple Sudama, a Brahmin boy so impoverished that his clothing was in tatters, and so free of material attachment that he paid no attention. He was affectionately known as Kuchela,…

Wisdom is the power of the soul to know truth. By thinking with the rational mind, we will not be able to comprehend truth. It is through the heart that we perceive and understand the deepest truths. As we get in touch with the heart, calm feeling will inspire our thoughts and behavior to right…

Celebrate International Day of Yoga

Yoga Fest in Portland, Oregon and Streamed Live

June 21 — 24

Yoga is a bridge from the challenges of our times to the positive possibilities of the future. Encompassing every aspect of life, the practical principles of yoga offer tangible solutions to our most pressing problems. Join us for a series of inspiring classes, guided meditations, yoga, vegetarian food, devotional music, spiritual community, and special keynote speakers.

We will be streaming some of the events live from our Yogafest Facebook page.

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A Bank Robber Who Learnt to Move On

by Nayaswami Jaya in the Times of India

The modern fad is to spend and spend and spend to the limits of our ability, and beyond. Several centuries ago, the great preacher and evangelist John Wesley (1703-1791) set a radically different example. Although Wesley was born in humble circumstances, he became so well known that his income eventually exceeded 1400 pounds per year — in…

How Toddlers Teach Us

Excerpted from The Four Stages of Yoga by Nischala Cryer

by Nischala Cryer

The road to the nursery school follows a steep ridge at the western boundary of the village. At the top of that hill, a panoramic view is favored by sunset watchers. In the evenings, star watchers come here to observe the heavens as we spin through space. The interconnectedness of our little lives can be…

My mother used to tell me, “the dumbest question is the one not asked.” I’m finally starting to take her advice! So I have some questions: Who am I? What is my life’s purpose? What is it all for? Have you ever asked yourself these kind of questions? At Ananda during our “Festival of Light” we say: Thank you, Swami Kriyananda, for writing the “Festival of Light” because it expresses the wordless anguish of my heart. Of course, we want ...

Question from Niraj: Did Yoganandaji ever claim that he was God-realised? Or maybe after he departed from this world he reached the highest…

Question from jhr: Why should I believe God loves me when he /she never helps me? They say God is almighty but because…

Question from Thangarajumuthiah: Kindly enlighten me on the following: Many times I come across the suggestion that one should SIT IN STILLNESS after…

Question from Aditya: I need answers about astral projection. I believe it’s true and exists. I want to learn it. I spoke to…

Question from Raman: When I started meditation, I had some calm feeling, but now after one month I can barely sit and meditate.…

Question from Nikku: Whenever I mediate my concentration goes to ajna chakra ...after that there is black ... I can sit like that…

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June 23, 2018

Be loyal to others, and they’ll be loyal to you.

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We are part of a great tide of loving, joyful energy that wants to give and give as long as people are happy to receive it.

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