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We were once talking with Swami Kriyananda about the best form of government. “Enlightened monarchy with a philosopher king is the highest expression,” he said. “But it’s only possible in a more advanced age in which mass consciousness is higher than it is today.” For me Swamiji was a true philosopher king. As we celebrated…

Wisdom is the power of the soul to know truth. By thinking with the rational mind, we will not be able to comprehend truth. It is through the heart that we perceive and understand the deepest truths. As we get in touch with the heart, calm feeling will inspire our thoughts and behavior to right…

Blaise Pascal was an influential French scientist who lived in the 1600s. At age twelve, before he had received any formal training in geometry, Pascal independently discovered and demonstrated Euclid’s thirty-two propositions. It’s not surprising, then, that as an adult Pascal would complete important works on mathematics and experimental physics. He made important contributions to geometry…

Upcoming Yogananda Fest: Palo Alto

June 2nd, 10am – 9pm

Yogananda Fest is an inspiring day-long festival celebrating and sharing the teachings of the great Master, Paramhansa Yogananda. Join us for a series of inspiring classes, guided meditations, yoga, vegetarian food, devotional music, spiritual community, and special keynote speakers.
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Having spent the last week at Ananda Village for the Kriyaban retreat, I got an infection! But it’s not the kind you think. It’s the infectious ease of joy. The divine friendships, beautiful environment, inspirational talks, uplifting music, and deep kriya meditations have transmitted a touch of joy upon my soul. I hope to transmit it to you too! Why did God create our world and the universe? It’s a question that has puzzled many for millenia. The traditional answer ...

Recently a fellow-disciple asked me, “What should we do when we feel restless, spiritually ‘dry,’ out of tune, or when we feel strongly drawn back into worldly desires?’ I will discuss in this blog what I did when these kinds of feelings first “ambushed” me, and also, what others have done when finding themselves in…

Question from Hamza: Hello and thanks for your help. I beginning meditating 6 minute ago and now after a while I have a…


Answered by Hassi Bazan

Question from Andra Denslow: My mother has dementia and I am stymied by the unpredictability. Sometimes she’s sweet and sometimes she makes up wild…

Question from Kanishk: I meditate constantly day and night Aum in my mind wherever I am. Whenever I sleep and whenever I wake…

Question from Vikiirna Wenzel: I know and believe that our goal is to merge with and dissolve into God, in perfect Oneness. Still, I…

Question from Renuka Ganesh: Dear Sir,I am 40yrs old and childless. I am little confused whether to adopt an orphan child or adopt my…

Inner freedom is the ability to do all things guided by wisdom. Most people are bound by their desires, which is not freedom at all. You must never forget that you are a free agent. You can change your karma if you use your will power, and are guided by wisdom as you do so.…

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You can now buy Swami Kriyananda’s book on disicpleship in Hindi online. Learn About:

  • The need for a guru
  • The disciple’s role
  • Life with a spiritual master
  • Attunement with the guru
  • Discipleship to Paramhansa Yogananda
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Crystal Hermitage at Ananda Village is one of 14 Gorgeous Gardens in the West according to by AAA. Read Article

We are part of a great tide of loving, joyful energy that wants to give and give as long as people are happy to receive it.

—Swami Kriyananda

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