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On September 12, 1948, Swami Kriyananda became of disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda. Read more about this sacred event in Chapter 16 of The New Path by Swami Kriyananda.

Yogananda 100: Celebrating a Century of Spiritual Awakening

Live Events and Celebration on September 19, 2020

Paramhansa Yogananda’s arrival in Boston in 1920 marked the beginning of a new wave of spiritual consciousness in America and throughout the world. Join us for…

Sep. 19, 7:00 pm PDT (Free): Centennial Celebration with Nayaswamis Jyotish and Devi

Sep. 19, 12:00 pm and 3:30pm PDT ($20 suggested donation): Flower ceremony at Boston Harbor Pier followed by Keynote talks and Virtual Pilgrimage

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Ananda is dedicated to the belief, born of experience, that you can live in joy. We teach effective techniques for expanding your sense of self, such as meditation, Kriya Yoga, spiritual Hatha Yoga, and divine friendship.
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Our Inspiration

Paramhansa Yogananda has been called the father of yoga and meditation in the West. His Autobiography helped spark and inspire a spiritual revolution across the world. Among the over three-hundred (influential spiritual voices) I interviewed about their key spiritual influences, a high percentage named a book, and by far the book most often mentioned was Yogananda’s unique memoir.Phil Goldberg, American Veda
Paramhansa Yogananda (1893 – 1952), best known as the author of Autobiography of a Yogi, was the first guru from India to make his home permanently in the United States.Paramhansa Yogananda showed how everyone, by means of meditation, can realize God in their daily lives as a tangible, loving reality. He taught an ancient meditation technique known as Kriya Yoga, by which one can quickly attain Self-realization. More
Swami Kriyananda (1926–2013), is a direct disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda and the founder of Ananda’s worldwide movement.

At the request of Yogananda, Swami Kriyananda dedicated his life to lecturing and writing, and has also produced hundreds of pieces of music, to help others to find joy within. More

With the passing of Swami Kriyananda in 2013, Nayaswami Jyotish was named by Kriyananda as his spiritual successor. Jyotishji met Swami Kriyananda in 1966, working closely with him and his wife, Devi (who came to Ananda in 1969), to build Ananda’s work around the world. Both Nayaswamis Jyotish and Devi were named kriyacharyas by Swami Kriyananda, and disseminate the liberating and ancient Kriya Yoga technique of Paramhansa Yogananda’s lineage. More

Meditation & Kriya Yoga

Learn to Meditate

Meditation is a technique for personal growth that has been practiced for thousands of years around the world with repeatable results. There is no aspect of your life that cannot be improved by meditation, whether it be in business, relationships, or health. The highest purpose of meditation, however, is to discover your Highest Self.

We offer a free, five day email series for a basic overview of how to meditate, which includes posture, where and when to meditate, and a simple effective technique. It also includes a subscription to our monthly Daily Meditator newsletter and monthly Inner Light newsletter.

Kriya Yoga

Kriya Yoga is an ancient meditation technique of energy and breath control, or pranayama. It is also a comprehensive spiritual path, which includes additional meditation practices and guidance for living.

The Kriya technique is given through personal initiation by one of our Kriya Yoga teachers. Initiation requires preparation which includes the practice of other meditation techniques and study of Paramhansa Yogananda’s teachings.
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Let us join together in this wave of social transformation, and through our practice of meditation create a spirit of global unity that can lead to lasting peace.Nayaswami Devi

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Ananda has over 150 centers and meditation groups in over 45 countries which offer group meditations and classes. Learn More

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Ananda has developed eight communities in the US, Europe, and India. Many offer internships where you can stay and experience community firsthand. Learn More

Be a Warrior for the Light

Now is the time to bring light and positive energy into the world — it’s needed today more than ever.

Watch this video from Nayaswamis Jyotish and Devi, along with Dr. Peter van Houten, to learn what we can do on all levels — spiritually and physically — to be safe and help the world.

You can also read this letter to all of Ananda. And for more medical information, see this informative video on COVID-19.

God’s light is within me and around me. With the sword of faith in my hand, with the love of God in my heart, I am a warrior of light. I join my brothers and sisters everywhere to overcome fear with faith, hatred with love, and disease with health. We all are warriors of light. We fill the world with God’s light.”

A Call to Action

Nayaswamis Jyotish and Devi share about the need for positive action in this time of turmoil and crisis.

Join the Campaign for World Healing

Every Thursday at 8:00 am PDT / 5:00 pm CEST / 7:30 pm IST, Ananda centers in the U.S., India, and Italy host a gathering to meditate, affirm, and visualize light and harmony in the world.

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Dear Tarushi, This bright light might indeed have been a true superconscious experience. Sometimes subconscious images can appear too, but yours feels like a true elevating vision. Various symbols can appear in meditation. Yours is not a usual one, so ... Read More

The Eternal Flame in Swami Kriyananda’s Moksha Mandir

Dear Kathleen, What you saw is the eternal flame altar which is mounted above where Swamiji’s body is interred in the Moksha Mandir. His body is actually placed under the floor of the Mandir. Please take a look at this ... Read More

Why Do Innocent Animals Suffer?

Dear Vidhya, Thank you for your heartfelt question. This is an issue that pulls at many people’s hearts with what seems unnecessary suffering of the animal kingdom caused by humans. There are many stories about the back and forth of ... Read More

Advaita vs Duality (Dvaita)

Dear Sukhmandeep, Thank you for your inquiry: it is an important and subtle question. Yes, the Self-realization teachings espoused by the line of Kriya Yoga masters (from Babaji to Yoganandaji) are deeply rooted in Vedanta: in advaita (non-duality). However, even ... Read More

In Meditation I Saw a Master. Later I Discovered He Exists. What Does This Mean?

Dear Carlos, If you saw this Master in meditation and later found out that he was a true guru from the past, it could indeed be that he came to you to bless you. Great gurus are ever alive. Since ... Read More

Can Someone Who Attains Nirvana or Moksha Also Enjoy Sense Pleasures?

Dear Friend, When one has at last found the finest, richest, most delicately flavored chocolate, why go back to store-bought candy for children? When the soul has reaped the harvest of eternal Bliss, of what use are the fleeting pleasures ... Read More

Which Direction Should Our Altar Face? Which Direction Should We Face?

Dear Tusha, When you pray or meditate, let the Gods (or Masters) face West, so that you are facing East. This is what Yogananda recommends. The reason for it, he explains, is that subtle rays of wisdom radiate westward over ... Read More

Flow of Grace by Nayaswami Jyotish

Our Greatest Adventure

I Have Seen Only Misery in My Life

Dear Kumari, Thank you for your question. The world sometimes can be seen as only misery. Remember, you are never alone — especially when trying to improve your life. The Universe will respond in kind to any thoughts that you ... Read More

Does God Sympathize With People Who Die by Suicide?

Dear Niraj, The act of suicide surely generates sympathy and sadness. For the gift of human life is the most precious of all. For with the human body the soul has the potential to achieve the fullness of the divine ... Read More

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Babaji-Krishna Prayer for Devotees

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Dealing with Low Energy

All the World Is My Friend

What a Coincidence!

Divine Friendship

Play the Game of Eight

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How I Paint

How Taking Seclusion May Help Us During Periods of Sheltering in Place

12 Ways to Help Peace Win the Global Tug-of-War

Online Events

“New World” Chanting and Kirtan!

Sep 18 5:00 pm PDT • Sep 19 00:00 GMT • Sep 19 05:30 IST

Meditación Guiada para Aprender a Meditar: Guided Meditation for Beginners

Sep 18 6:00 pm PDT • Sep 19 01:00 GMT • Sep 19 06:30 IST

Secrets of Emotional Healing

Sep 18 7:00 pm PDT • Sep 19 02:00 GMT • Sep 19 07:30 IST

Ananda Sacramento Satsang with Sam Podany

Sep 18 7:00 pm PDT • Sep 19 02:00 GMT • Sep 19 07:30 IST

Saturday yoga

Sep 19 5:45 am PDT • Sep 19 12:45 GMT • Sep 19 18:15 IST

Joyous Global Sing-Along

Sep 19 7:30 am PDT • Sep 19 14:30 GMT • Sep 19 20:00 IST

Saturday Morning Yoga with Lynn

Sep 19 7:00 am PDT • Sep 19 14:00 GMT • Sep 19 19:30 IST

Kriya Preparation

Sep 19 9:00 am PDT • Sep 19 16:00 GMT • Sep 19 21:30 IST

Joyous Global Sing-Along

Sep 19 12:00 pm PDT • Sep 19 19:00 GMT • Sep 20 00:30 IST

The Art & Science of Raja Yoga

Sep 19 9:15 am PDT • Sep 19 16:15 GMT • Sep 19 21:45 IST

Satsang with a guest minister

Sep 19 1:30 pm PDT • Sep 19 20:30 GMT • Sep 20 02:00 IST

Chanting Worldwide with Ananda

Sep 19 8:00 pm PDT • Sep 20 03:00 GMT • Sep 20 08:30 IST

Experiencing Education for Life (EFL)

Sep 19 7:00 pm PDT • Sep 20 02:00 GMT • Sep 20 07:30 IST

Yogananda Centennial Event

Sep 19 12:00 pm PDT • Sep 19 19:00 GMT • Sep 20 00:30 IST

Sunday Service at Ananda Washington

Sep 20 2:30 am PDT • Sep 20 09:30 GMT • Sep 20 15:00 IST

Servizio Domenicale

Sep 20 2:45 am PDT • Sep 20 09:45 GMT • Sep 20 15:15 IST

Sunday Satsang

Sep 20 8:00 am PDT • Sep 20 15:00 GMT • Sep 20 20:30 IST

Sunday Service

Sep 20 10:00 am PDT • Sep 20 17:00 GMT • Sep 20 22:30 IST

Sunday Worship Service

Sep 20 10:00 am PDT • Sep 20 17:00 GMT • Sep 20 22:30 IST

Sunday Service at Ananda Village

Sep 20 10:00 am PDT • Sep 20 17:00 GMT • Sep 20 22:30 IST

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Upcoming Events

Paramhansa Yogananda: Centennial Celebration with Nayaswamis Jyotish and Devi

Yogananda 100.tag.

Join us for Jyotish and Devi’s Celebration of Paramhansa Yogananda’s Coming to American in this free live, broadcast from the iconic Temple of Light at Ananda Village.

The Evening Event Offerings

• An Inspirational Talk
• Music
• Pre-recorded Talks with Other Ananda Communities

Saturday, September 19, 2020, 7:00 – 9:00 PM, Pacific Time

Watch Live

We Are Celebrating Paramhansa Yogananda’s Arrival to the US In Boston, Massachusetts, September 19, 2020

“Yogananda showed us how to bring the teaching of Kriya Yoga into daily life, and how to bring the Divine Reality into everything we do.” —Swami Kriyananda

Paramhansa Yogananda first stepped foot in America September 19, 1920, Dwapara 320 at the Harbor Pier in Boston, Massachusetts. He arrived on the boat, City of Sparta, after a long journey across the oceans.

We invite you to celebrate Yogananda’s arrival to the West through our Online Virtual Retreat. The virtual retreat will take you through the most important landmarks of Yogananda’s time in Boston, as he built his work in the US from the ground up. We will be hosting the event and our speakers virtually and will share a special tour of pilgrimage places throughout Massachusetts (such as Trinity Church, the Boston Library, Copley Plaza Hotel, South Church, Symphony Hall, and more.)

Find Out More and Sign-Up

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