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What is God’s zone? His zone is superconsciousness. He is Infinite, and the infinite Source of answers to all of life’s challenges. Paramhansa Yogananda said: “God is omnipresent. Man’s soul, made in His image, has in it the seed experience of omnipresence. That omnipresence is hidden in the little soul as a tree is secreted…


Spiritual Faire: Letter From India

by Nayaswamis Jyotish and Devi

The Spiritual Faire on Sept 24 & 25 in Delhi was an extraordinary experience for everyone. For two days, about 200 Ananda volunteers served huge crowds by giving classes, talking with the guests, staffing dozens of booths, serving food, selling Ananda’s books and products, and leading demonstrations of meditation, healing, energization, and yoga postures. I don’t think anyone who came from the outside or who served there will ever be the same.


Toward the end of his life, Swami Kriyananda would often remark, “I feel so blissful, I can hardly contain it.” We had seen him maintain a joyful spirit during many difficult times: temples collapsing or burning down, car accidents, health crises. No matter what was happening around him, Swamiji demonstrated that it didn’t have the…


We’ve Reached Our Goal of 1 Million Prayers for World Peace!

This week, Ananda Sangha Worldwide is celebrating the International Day of Peace by reaching our goal to inspire 1 million prayers for peace and harmony.

In this time of severe polarization along lines of religion, class, and political persuasion, Ananda launched this campaign for peace and harmony by drawing from the ancient yogic teachings to bring light and hope into the world.

Using a prayer demand for peace and harmony created by Paramhansa Yogananda, and harnessing the technology of today, thousands have been uplifted with an experience of inner peace.

Your donation to the 2016 Ananda Worldwide Appeal will help us inspire millions more through the universal tools of yoga. Thank you for your continued support.


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Question from T.S. Lakshmi: My younger daughter committed suicide due to mental illness. Will She Suffer? Will I see her when I leave this…

We are part of a great tide of loving, joyful energy that wants to give and give as long as people are happy to receive it.

—Swami Kriyananda

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