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Our thoughts are much more powerful than we realize. In fact, they are often self-fulfilling prophecies: If we are preoccupied, for example, with thoughts of failure, we can draw to ourselves the very thing we fear. On the other hand, if we develop underlying thoughts of success, we can attract those things that will lead…

Dear Daily Meditator, Usually when talking about meditation, we focus on going inside. In fact, the meditative steps, as described in antiquity, are pranayama, withdrawal of the inner energy, and pratyahara, interiorization of the senses and the mind. Once we are in this inward state, we experience dharana (concentration on an inner experience); then dhyana…

In humility and with a desire to remove his ego from the picture, Swamiji always understated himself and what he did. I knew him for almost forty years and I never saw him try to draw people to himself.

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Dear Friend, Out of the corner of his eye, the old man caught a movement — waving hands, a mother smiling out of the fullness of her maternal love, a very small boy rushing forward, arms up and out ready to embrace the big, yellow tractor. The boy looked up trustingly, eyes wide and clear, unblinking, until…

In Joy and In More Joy …

by Narayan Romano

I was born and raised in a spiritual intentional community. To answer your first question, yes, I loved it. If you google “intentional community” and try to find a glowing testimonial from a child raised in one, you’ll most likely find none. I certainly haven’t. Every article I’ve ever read has been from someone who…

Friend, Our winter here at Ananda has seen a succession of storms, with high winds and soaking rains. At Christmastime, a lone snow goose appeared on Lotus Lake. Perhaps this bird, like the young bird in Swamiji’s Festival of Light, had “entered a storm cloud, and soon found itself struggling for its life. Wind and…

Question from Tanu: Should Krishna’s teaching in the Gita be followed in the corporate world, where people are constantly trying to show their…

Question from Kalyan: Namaste. I have heard that doing meditation removes your past and present bad karma. Is that true? If so, how?

Question from Pankaj Salvi: Dear Sir/Madam, My beloved father expired on 26 April 2017 due to cardiac arrest. He was admitted in hospital on…

Question from Jacob: I had a surge of energy pushed right from bottom upwards to the back of the head meditating. It was…

Question from kishore: Could you offer some tips on how to overcome absent-mindedness?

Question from KCD: Namaste. I have been attracted to teaching of Paramhansa Yogananda. Recently, I have also been looking into the teachings of…

We are part of a great tide of loving, joyful energy that wants to give and give as long as people are happy to receive it.

—Swami Kriyananda

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