2010-2Would you like to feel God’s healing presence flowing to others through your hands and heart?

Every month we receive hundreds of prayer requests from people all over the world. These requests are sent out via email to small, confidential groups within the Healing Prayer Circle.

Please know that any sincere devotee can serve as a channel of healing to others. We will train you in techniques for healing at a distance as taught by Paramhansa Yogananda. Your healing ability will increase with practice over time, as you humbly and lovingly ask the grace of God to flow through you to bless those in need.

“Place your absolute faith in the Deity of all deities, or the Spirit of all spirits. Always undoubtingly believe His power is working in you, just behind your thoughts, prayers, and convictions, to give infinite strength to heal yourself and others.” —Paramhansa Yogananda

This worldwide Healing Prayer Circle is composed of over 750 members who serve by praying for others as part of their spiritual practice. Mary Kretzmann, Director of Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry, sends out newsletters and testimonials to keep the group inspired in this sacred service.


Mary Kretzmann

We have received many wonderful testimonials thanking us for these prayers. Many people have shared with us how praying for others also brought blessings to themselves:

“Participation in the Healing Prayer Council has been a source of great joy and inner spiritual rewards. I have also, in fact, received healing through the prayers that you have offered for me.” —E.L., Fernandina Beach, FL

“I joined the healing prayer circle out of gratitude for the way you helped me. But I had no idea how praying for others with these simple techniques would deepen my own connection with God. Thank you for teaching me how to pray for others, and transforming my own life in the process.” —TM

As you practice the healing prayer techniques, you will find that your ability to serve as a channel for God’s blessings to others will grow. We invite you to join us in this sacred service.

To submit a prayer request to us, please click here. It is the fastest way to get a request on the prayer list.

The Healing Prayer Technique

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You’ll also receive occasional guided prayer visualizations for world healing.