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Make checks payable to “Ananda” and mail to:

Ananda Worldwide
14618 Tyler Foote Road, Box 50
Nevada City, CA 95959


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Make checks payable to “Ananda” and mail to:

Ananda Worldwide
14618 Tyler Foote Road, Box 50
Nevada City, CA 95959

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Spiritualize your giving through tithing. Tithing is a spiritual practice, a conscious expression of gratitude to God. It is not directed towards a specific fund but given without condition to the source of your inspiration. For many people, a tithe is given before any expenses are paid.

Meet Our Giving and Gratitude Team

Headshot of Erin Vinacco

Erin Vinacco

Director of Fundraising

Erin is an Ananda Lightbearer Minister and has lived and served at Ananda Village since 2017. She was first connected with Ananda at our center in Rhode Island and has spent time serving in our Ananda Portland and Seattle communities as well. As a life-long educator and certified Education for Life teacher, the main focus of her service has been with parents, families and children. Erin now serves as Director of Fundraising for Ananda Worldwide and enjoys applying her creativity and enthusiasm to supporting the Ananda Outreach Ministries through fundraising and donor support.
Headshot of Jyoti Spearin

Jyoti Spearin

Fundraising Associate – Major Gifts

Nayaswami Jyoti is an Ananda Lightbearer Minister and has lived and served at Ananda Village since 1996. She has offered classes and workshops in meditation, yoga philosophy and Ananda yoga at The Expanding Light and Ananda Meditation retreats and for several hospitals, colleges and private clients throughout the US and Canada. She is currently serving at Ananda’s Fundraising Department and is active in Ananda’s Outreach Ministries, offering spiritual support and guidance to devotees worldwide.
Headshot of Pushpa Rainbow

Pushpa Rainbow

Fundraising Associate – Tithing

Pushpa began meditating in 1985. She had the blessing of meeting Swami Kriyananda in Dallas, Texas in 1996. She moved to Ananda Palo Alto community the same year and then to Ananda Village in 2000. Pushpa, an Ananda minister, writes the monthly Thank You, God! blog. She also fields questions from around the world from the chat button on She has shared the yogic teachings for the past 37 years.
Headshot of Molly Trowbridge

Molly Trowbridge

Gift Administrator

Molly first found Ananda in 2006 when her interest in meditation, and a family connection with the teachings of Yogananda, led her to Ananda Village. She lived in Ananda Palo while teaching at the Living Wisdom School there and in 2015 she moved to Ananda Village to start a family and provide childcare for Ananda families. She is a certified Ananda Yoga Teacher and enjoys leading sadhana at the Expanding Light Retreat. She is delighted to be serving in the Fundraising Department for Ananda’s Outreach Ministries.
Headshot of Parvati Hansen

Parvati Hansen

Estate and Planned Giving
Executive Director,
Ananda Janaka Foundation

Parvati is one of the founding members of Ananda, and is one of Ananda’s most widely traveled and experienced ministers. She moved to Ananda in 1972, and was made a minister by Swami Kriyananda in 1981. With her husband, Pranaba, she has been involved in the creation and direction of Ananda centers and communities in Palo Alto, Portland, Seattle, Dallas, and Assisi, Italy.

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