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Learn more about the practice of tithing

Why Tithe?

Tithing is a spiritual practice, a conscious expression of gratitude given without condition to the source of your inspiration– God.

The underlying principle is that everything in life comes from God — health, energy, the ability to serve, and all income. Tithing is an act of faith that reminds us that God knows exactly what we need, and that He will provide.

We invite you to try it. Hear the stories of others, but test this teaching in your own life and see what transpires!

Spiritual Benefits of Tithing

Tithing can help you to:
  • Deepen your faith in and connection to God.
  • Affirm a sense of unity with all.
  • Expand your consciousness.
  • Purify and open your heart.
  • Dissolve worries and fears around money.
  • Develop magnetism to attract what you need.
“I give thanks to the giver behind each gift, and to the one Giver behind all that I receive. My gratitude rises with devotion’s incense to the throne of Omnipresence.” Swami Kriyananda