Thank You, God

All the World Is My Friend

In 1913, as world anxiety mounted with the rising international tensions that were to explode into the Great War, a children’s book was published, and so seized the public imagination that a million copies soon sold and social clubs dedicated to practicing the book’s simple teaching sprang up. The human heart, confronted by darkness on so vast a scale, turned … Read More

Thank You, God

“Open Your Heart to Me”

In this time of necessary quarantine, how we have missed coming together for the Purification Ceremony—a practice so personal, so intimate that no way to share it on-line has been found. While the strictures of physical distancing remain in place, we practice inwardly and alone, perhaps with even greater intensity of self-offering for lack of a formal channel. The ceremony … Read More

Thank You, God

“Thank you, God”

When the boy was four years old, his uncle would go daily for a long walk with him, moving as the boy wished, seeing the world through those clear and unclouded eyes. On their return, they would watch Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood and together absorb the truth of kindness, friendship, goodness, the innate value of every soul in God’s creation. It … Read More

Thank You, God

All The World Is My Friend

Two third-century physicians—Damien and Cosmas—were brothers by birth as well as in their service to mankind. Following in the footsteps of their master, Jesus Christ, they practiced their healing arts without charge, seeing all people as equally God’s children—all equally deserving of compassion and comfort. Refusing to renounce their faith during Diocletian’s persecution, the brothers went joyfully to their martyrdom—their … Read More

Be a Warrior for the Light, Thank You, God

How to Build Faith During Uncertain Times

Dear Friend, A profound opportunity for spiritual growth exists today. The spiritual practice of tithing is one of the foundational faith-building principles in this world.  The secret of Ananda’s survival has always been the simple practice: “Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and all these things will be added unto you.” God is the great Giver.  To receive the … Read More

Thank You, God

“Many Hands Make a Miracle”

Just after the end of World War II and a month before Easter, five young friends met on a street corner in Paris. For five years they had often been together in the air raid shelter below the street whose name translates as The-Cat-Who-Goes-Fishing. It was only natural that the children named themselves The Gang of The Cat-Who-Goes-Fishing. These young … Read More

Thank You, God

The Instrument Is Blessed

Born into a pious family in Dere, Bengal, at about the time of the American Revolution, Ksudiram grew up devoted to Sri Ramachandra and blessed with the noble qualities of a true Brahmin—truthfulness, contentment, forgiveness, renunciation—all of which his life was to test again and again. Each day he began by gathering flowers for his worship of Ramachandra. All day … Read More

Thank You, God

“Master, I Have Come!”

Born into a Quaker family, Jane Tyson Clement lived a life of faith and service until her passing in the year 2000. Deeply affected by the suffering and injustice in the world around her, she entered into an intense spiritual search that brought her to God, and to the understanding that only in God lie the answers. Together with her … Read More

Thank You, God

“I Bow to Thee”

Just after the full moon in November the Ananda community gathered to bid farewell to our great-souled friend Ramdas, who had the day before passed from this earth life. His was a life given in loving service and divine friendship to everyone he met, and more deeply, to God and Guru. He loved God, and he loved God as He … Read More

Thank You, God

“When We Need You, Lord, You Descend”

December, 1878: Next to the convent school run by the Sisters of Loretto in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is the chapel of Our Lady of Light, at that time complete except for any means of access to the choir loft two stories up. Designed, at the Bishop’s insistence, by an architect in Paris on the model of Paris’s Sainte Chapelle, … Read More