Will Organ Donation Help with One’s Salvation?


Question from Gordon: I have a very old friend (late seventies) and other than being old, is in mostly good health. In his mind there is nothing here for him in this world (wife the only family). His parting would really not be missed for the most part, but he knows that, according to the Christian religion, “suicide” is the unforgivable sin. His…

Marriage, Career, Love, and Family


Question from A: There is a person I love but his family wants a housewife while I’m a doctor. There is another person my parents have chosen whose family is supportive of my further studies but it’s hard to imagine this other person as a life partner for me. Should I choose the career, other person or stay single my whole life?

Movement During Meditation


Question from Chidambaram Venkateswaran: When I meditate, sitting upright in chin mudra my body is forcibly pushed backwards after 10- 15 minutes to assume a savasana pose with chin mudra in place. Subsequently, my head and neck start moving clockwise and counter clockwise continuously with occasional body movements. I feel good after the meditation and feel like I am intoxicated and sometimes feel like…

Is the Inner Light Something To Be Concerned About?


Question from Bobby Ong: When I was young, I experienced my soul coming out after an ancient Indian monk called my name. He taught me meditation skills after which, I started to practice. When I was around the age of 30, I suddenly saw a small golden pill rising up from my bottom to my forehead . The golden pill suddenly became a large…

Why Did Jesus Turn Water to Wine?


Question from LIZ COBB: It always perplexed me that Jesus turned the water into wine at the wedding feast. His Mother asked him to do it. I don’t understand why she would ask Jesus to do it when alcohol is not recommended on the spiritual path. Paramahansa Yogananda said “No Alcohol or drugs”.

Education vs. Spirituality


Question from Anonymous: I’m a CA student & failing the final exam since last 4 years as I haven’t studied for the exams at all each time & have given the exams just for the sake of giving. 3 years back, a random event attracted me to spirituality. Since then till date, whenever I get my study leave from office, instead of studying…

Finding Spiritual Friends


Question from Nyle: I have begun a spiritual path in my late school years. I have transformed and friends whom I once spent time with no longer resonate with my path. I have begun to feel isolated. In other words, it seems that people of my age are on a very different path. With that, I find it very difficult to connect deeply…

What Does It take to Reach Liberation?


Question from pushkar: Yogananda stated that it is very difficult to reach liberation which is understandable. But he also stated that, “If you practice 1/100th of what I have taught you, you will reach God! In what reference did he make this statement?<

Psychic Energy “Attacks”


Question from Petals: Hello. I am associated with a spirtual organization which is very good and the teachings are amazing but I get very negative vibes from the people who are managing it. I feel very dirty energy from them but how is this possible? They practice advanced techniques and have cleaner aura and chakras but its getting difficult for me to even…



Question from Cortney: I feel some kind of spirit in my house. My best friend died of a apparent suicide in prison 5 months ago. Is it she who is in my house, or is she watching over me? Since she passed owls cross my path a lot but nothing bad happens. Is that a good sign or a bad sign?